Tips To Choose The Best Wedding Hairstyle

If you are heaving a sigh of relief after concluding the hardest part of wedding picking a dress, jewellery, and accessories. Then you are wrong; you still need to decide the hairstyle for your big day. It may be a cliche, but your hair is always a crowning glory on the day of your marriage. There are numerous different bridal hairstyles to choose that you are bound to be confused. Below are a few tips for selecting the best wedding hairstyle.

Tips from the best bridal hair stylist

Try various looks: The first thing to do is to check the different styles before the wedding day. Keep things simple and don’t do anything that you cannot undo like coloring your hair with a bright shade or trimming your tresses too short. You can start a Pinterest board putting down some ideas that you like. Once you have a fair amount of them on it, you can take it to your professional hairstylist and try them out. You should do all this well before the D-Day so that you have a lot of time to reconsider things.

Dress and your hairstyle: The type of hairstyle you choose will depend on the dress you plan to wear on your wedding. You should consider sleeves, length of the dress and the neckline too. Many women grow their hair long for the wedding day so that they can have an updo hairstyle but it’s not that important to have a long hair as you can dress your hair with a crown of flowers or use a veil if you have short hair.

Trail run: Makeup Artists in Chennai recommend that you have trials and also ensure that you bring along your future husband too. It is essential that both of you agree that the hair looks great as you don’t want your future husband thinking he is marrying someone he does not recognise. Moreover, doing trials makes the bride more relaxed as she knows how she is going to look with that wedding dress and other finery.

Accessories say, Bridal hairstylist:

The best wedding hair stylist suggests accessorizing the hair, and the tiaras are the best to have. If you are keen on wearing it, then you should know which style is going to work well with it. If you have curly hair and want to wear a tiara, then you will need to straighten the curls. If you do not want to wear a tiara, there are many other options like the birdcage veil, floral crown, etc. which will all look great.

Other useful tips from professional hairstylist

  • One of the things most people tend not to consider is the time of the year you are getting married. There is an effect of it on your hair. If you are having a summer wedding, then go for sun-kissed hair streaks and for a
  • winter wedding a darker shade works best.
    If the dress you are wearing is traditional and has sleeves, then a French pleat with some accessories will be the best hairstyle.
  • Ask your hairstylist to make a video of how the style created so that you remember exactly how you looked in the trial.

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