The Importance Of Makeup Trial Before The Wedding

Every bride wants to look her best on the wedding day. It is essential that you know how you look with all the makeup and the jewelry beforehand so that you feel confident. There are many times when the bride is too tired and may not want a makeup trial, but just like checking if your dress fits appropriately it is essential to ensure that your makeup looks right too. You may have hired the best professional bridal makeup artist; a trail provides that you are happy about the makeup and also test if you have any allergies for the makeup they apply.

Why even professional bridal makeup artist wants a trial run

This trial will not just be for the makeup but also for your hair and can turn out as a rehearsal for the complete look that you will have on your wedding day. It is also an opportunity for the artist as well as the bride to know each other and become comfortable with the look that she wants. For the artists, it is like an insurance, if the bride does not like the look she can suggest changes or worst case drop the artist altogether. These days the best wedding makeup artist in Chennai have made trial mandatory and is included in the rates, while some offer it as an optional service.

Reasons for Wedding trial makeUp

Get to know your makeup artist: A bride will want to look the best on her wedding day, before the wedding day knowing your makeup artist will help you get accustomed and also assess the work and professionalism of the person. You would not want to have someone who you don’t vibe with and end up having a lousy makeup on your important day. It will also help your artist understand what look you desire and find out your likes and dislikes beforehand.

Discuss the needed look:

Some of the best bridal makeup artists in Chennai vouch for trial makeup as they can decide on the makeup based on the skin type of shape of the face before the day of the wedding. When there is a trial run, you can discuss with the bride the various options and looks that suits. It also gives enough time to look for hair extensions or any specific product that is asked by the bride to get the needed result.

Discuss other details:

A trial run is also a great time to discuss additional information too says bridal beauty parlor. The number of attendants needed, the rituals for which the makeup artist has to be present, the timelines and other recommendations. There may also be specific requests from the bride, for example helping the relatives with the makeup; the bride wants something specific to be done for that day, etc. Sometimes speaking about things well ahead will help as some of the expectations cannot be fulfilled. Talking about it during the trial phase ensures there is no miscommunication and both the artist and the bride are on the same page.

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