Best Makeup Tips For A Party

The party season is something that not everyone looks up to. For some people, it brings a smile, but for others, it’s a dreaded season. It is not just about the clothes, good food, drinks and the company. Everyone loves that. It’s more to do with the right makeup. Makeup is also dreaded because many believe that it is hard to get it on a shoestring budget, but Party makeup artist begs to differ. There are many online sites where you can buy products which do not pinch your pockets.

Top tips by Party makeup stylist:

Spend time deciding what to do: Spend a considerable amount of time deciding on the outfit you plan to wear and also the complete look you choose to have for the party. If it is a themed party, then you have no issues as you only have to pick one from your closet. Once you have decided the look, then you should makeup accordingly. Keep it simple if you wear bling, if you are not wearing a lot of bling then you can apply a little more makeup. Ensure that you don’t go overboard with your makeup if you are wearing a lot of accessories.


Blemishless Face: Just like choosing the right outfit is essential, creating a flawless look for your face is equally important. A foundation that blends well with your face will hide any spots and gives you a perfect face. It provides a base to work on; it is best to highlight one feature in your face. If you want to, your eyes go bold and keep the rest of the face simple. You can do the same with your cheeks or lips too.

Glowing face: A powder highlighter can bring a glow to your face. The best areas to apply this highlighter is where the natural light falls on the face. Ensure you use just the right amount as applying too many spoils the look. You can put it on your cheekbone, brow bone or bow suggest professional makeup artist in Chennai. You can also use it to change the shape of your face, if you want your face to look long use it on the jawline, to make your face look round apply on the cheekbone.

Makeup till the party ends: A party means a lot of dancing and long fun-filled night. Many times, the makeup does not last long and leaves smudges on your face. To overcome this, Party makeup artist suggest that you buy a high-quality face primer which will ensure that your makeup stays for hours. There are also lots of products which remain long and also gives a smooth feel to your face.

List of must-haves by Party makeup artist

Primer – A makeup base that stays long and also gives an even tone. It should be waterproof and lightweight.
Foundation: Best makeup artists in Chennai vouch for this to get the best base that too on a budget.
Concealer: Covers blemishes and dark circles.
Compact: You can use it when your makeup starts to fade.
Eyeliner: It makes your makeup complete with jet black eyes.
Mascara: Apply it to have a Thick and long lash.

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