Airbrush Makeup artist looking in the mirror and applying blusher on her own
Exclusive Airbrush Training

Exclusive Airbrush Training – Three Days

Airbrush makeup is replacing traditional makeup application. Traditional makeup artists are embracing the new concept to keep pace with technology and competition. There is a host of difference between the two. Airbrush makeup is done using a makeup air compressor, special airbrush foundation and airbrush gun. The foundation can either be water based or silicone based. Since it has to pass through a hose, the liquids have to be thinner than regular foundations. The spray is a fine mist and offers an even and consistent application on the skin. The makeup delivers a flawless coverage and is best for an evening out. It covers skin imperfections and allows your skin to breath. The result is a glossy and natural look. Depending on the skill of the artist the makeup, tools and products, the application can be taken to a whole new level.

Benefits of Airbrush Makeup Application

  • Flawless makeup foundation
  • Seamless application of foundation
  • The grip lever is soft and easier to handle
  • The transition from foundation to eyeliner is smooth
  • Experience never before smooth and fine eyeliner

  • It lasts for nearly 16 hours and need a wash to remove it off
  • Even in humid conditions the makeup holds tight
  • Cleaning is fast and simple. The nozzle can be removed with your fingers and does not need wrenches

This all new revolutionary technique help acquire excellent control and precision while applying makeup. For natural looking and velvety skin, the airbrush technique is apt. What sponges and brushes are unable to give, airbrush can deliver long lasting and natural looking beauty. Recommended for active individuals and brides, the makeup is suitable for film and television artists. This makeup works perfectly for high-definition television making you camera ready anytime. All this has made this application technique famous.

Course Highlights

  • The role of the Bridal Makeup Artist
  • Face shapes and eye shapes
  • Contouring and highlighting
  • Practice session with our advance kit
  • Application colour matching
  • Achieving flawless skin

  • Basic tear proof eye lining
  • Sanitising the complete parts of the kit
  • Mascara techniques
  • Long wearing lipstick application
  • Demo on the complete Kit


Any makeup artist with an edge to perfection and striving to expand their business.

Skulpt has mastered the art of airbrush makeup and offers a three-day course in this technique. The makeup is all about creating a waterproof, smudge proof second layer of skin. Hide all imperfections and glow with airbrush makeup. What more?  There is no need for any touch-ups. The makeup comes in varied mediums of water base, alcohol base and silicon base. Among this, silicone is ideal for bridal makeup to cover skin pores without clogging as it gives a dry finish.

Course Potential

Students enrolling in the course will be able to handle the following tasks successfully:

  • Handling Airbrush Equipment
  • Fashion Airbrush Makeup
  • Media Airbrush Makeup

  • Bridal Airbrush Makeup
  • Editorial Airbrush Makeup
  • Fantast Airbrush Makeup

Enroll today and get ready to be noticed in the world of beauty!

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