Life begins at 40 – 4 hrs Lesson For Mature Skin


With every passing decade, skin challenges are complex. The quest for a fresh face is a reasonable desire for those crossing 40. The arrival of crow feet and the dryness on your skin makes you feel low. Expect your skin to glow even in the 40s with the right beauty treatment. Makeup artists are confronted with the challenge of fighting ageing skin, and this can be done with the best therapies. In this effort beauty academies are evolving new cosmetology therapies, hair and nail styling concepts to make you look and feel better. A beautician can benefit immensely from the courses.

Benefits of The Course

 The beauty industry is ever growing, and there is space for everyone. Specialization has always been an advantage as people look for experts in the field to tackle their beauty problems. With a 40+ makeup specialisation course, you are sure to have the edge over regular beauty therapist. Put your newly acquired knowledge test by creating a job opportunity on your own.


The beauty industry is versatile and the more knowledge you acquire, the more demand for your skills. The 40+ age group is sensitive, and there is always a need for improvised beauty techniques to attract them and keep them happy. A certification in this arena will help greatly to improve the prospects of your salon.


You will be empowered to create beautiful and confident looks. Be inspired by the latest technologies and techniques to give your job a glam quotient.


A certification from a trusted brand like Skulpt could leave you in an advantageous position. The in-depth knowledge you acquire, the better position you will be in giving consultations to your customers and thereby increase their confidence and loyalty.

Embrace the international standards by turning into a premium beautician and therapist. Specialisation in 40+ makeup techniques and customising it to suit the needs of the clients is a premium service that comes at a suitable price.

Course Highlights

Presenting timeless beauty in a mini package for mature skin types. The course is ideal for those over 40 years of age. It helps to discover the hues and texture to enhance the features and bring in the glam look. The course explains the basics of makeup and gives you an opportunity to learn from the experts.

Course Content

Get back the colour on your face and bid goodbye to the spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Rediscover your youth with the modern beauty techniques just apt for the women over 40. Highlight your beauty and fall in love all over again.


The course is ideal for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels. We offer personalised attention to our students and that is why our rolls are not more than eight attendees. The self-application class allows students to try the makeup techniques on self.

Make a booking

The payment for the course can be made during registration. The candidate will receive a confirmation email with information on course purchase. The booking is device ready and is smartphone ready. For more information on the course contact us at or on 9884700117 / 9884800117.

Course Cancellation

[message type=”info”]The cancellation period is a maximum of 72 hours and with a full refund. If the cancellation is not done before the stipulated period, 50% of the course fee will be deducted.[/message]

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