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Best Makeup Tips For A Party

The party season is something that not everyone looks up to. For some people, it brings a smile, but for others, it’s a dreaded season. It is not just about the clothes, good food, drinks and the company. Everyone loves that. It’s more to do with the

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The Importance Of Makeup Trial Before The Wedding

Every bride wants to look her best on the wedding day. It is essential that you know how you look with all the makeup and the jewelry beforehand so that you feel confident. There are many times when the bride is too tired and may not want

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Tips To Choose The Best Wedding Hairstyle

If you are heaving a sigh of relief after concluding the hardest part of wedding picking a dress, jewellery, and accessories. Then you are wrong; you still need to decide the hairstyle for your big day. It may be a cliche, but your hair is always a

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How To Care For Your Hair In Summer

During summer people take extra care of their skin but do very little to take care of their hair. Sun can have a damaging impact on your hair too. Despite having a bouncy hair, does your hair look lifeless during summer? That happens because of the humidity

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Makeup Tips to Beat The Summer Heat

Summer in India means sweat, tan and dull skin. These months can not only make you sweat but also the melt your eyeliner and lipstick. But when you apply quality products and applying them correctly, you can ensure that they don’t melt in the heat. It is

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