How To Care For Your Hair In Summer

During summer people take extra care of their skin but do very little to take care of their hair. Sun can have a damaging impact on your hair too. Despite having a bouncy hair, does your hair look lifeless during summer? That happens because of the humidity during summer, due to the moisture it weighs down your hair and makes it look limp. Moreover, heat can also make your scalp oily further damaging the locks.
Sun’s rays, sweat, humidity, chlorinated water when you spend time in swimming pool are all reasons for damaging the hair, but by following these summer hair care tips, your hair will remain as beautiful as before.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Cover your hair: Hair has a natural protective layer that gets damaged due to exposure to sun’s heat. When your hair is exposed to the sun, it begins to dry and becomes brittle. Just like how you apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. To protect your scalp cover it with a hat or a scarf. That will ensure that the moisture content in your scalp is not dried up and also helps your hair from getting tangled and damaged due to the wind.

Use a conditioner which moisturizes: A hair conditioner is essential to care for your hair during summer too. You should look for one which suits your hair type and also one that contains sunscreen. When your hair is exposed to the summer heat, the conditioner will get activated and aids in softening the hair. The sunscreen element present in the conditioner will help in preventing UV rays from damaging your strands. professional makeup academy in chennai suggests using a leave-in conditioner in case you are going for a swim in the pool. Ensure you have a swimming cap on while swimming in chlorinated water says

Wash less: Hair is very sticky in summer, and hence you tend to wash it more frequently, but Skulpt Hair care Tips suggests rinsing instead of washing. When you often wash your hair, the natural oils are removed, and that causes the oil glands to become overactive and produce oil in the scalp. You can use a dry shampoo instead of regular one to remove excess oil.

Loose hairstyles: Hair Care Tips from best makeup artist in chennai suggests that the ideal hairstyle for summer is to have a loose braid which keeps your hair under control. When you pull the hair tight, it tends to tear and hence tight hairstyles are a big no.


Beat the heat this summer with these diet tips?

Balanced diet: A sensible diet which gives the necessary nutrients to your body, as well as your hair, is essential during summer. Fried or oily food should be avoided, and you should consume lots of fruits and vegetables. Summer foods like cucumber, watermelon are great as it gives your body the necessary fluids.

Water: The best tips for summer is to consume lots of water as it helps you stay hydrated. Water can help in hydrating your hair and the scalp too.

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