Makeup Tips to Beat The Summer Heat

Summer in India means sweat, tan and dull skin. These months can not only make you sweat but also the melt your eyeliner and lipstick. But when you apply quality products and applying them correctly, you can ensure that they don’t melt in the heat. It is essential that you choose the finishes wisely to look fresh despite the hot summer.

Makeup tips by best makeup artist

Use foundation cream: It is essential that you take care of your skin every day throughout the year irrespective of the type of weather. Always use a moisturizer first thing in the morning after you wash your face based on your skin type. An oil-free foundation cream should be applied next. Liquid foundation creams are also a good option as they are not heavy on the skin. You can use a coat of face powder on top of it so that the foundation is set. Compact can be carried to make yourself sweat and oil-free and also to touch up when needed.

Sunscreen: Sunscreen is your best friend especially in summer though professional makeup artist in Chennai suggests that you apply it all around the year. The sunscreen can prevent skin damage due to harsh sun. Not just that when you are exposed to summer sun for a long time it can make your skin aged, dull, pigmented or cause skin cancer. Choose a product which has an SPF of 40 or higher and is oil free. Apply it at least 30 minutes before you head out to the sun.

Less is more: Keep your makeup light, unless it’s your wedding day says bridal makeup artist. Though waterproof makeup products are available makeup can still leave creased or cakey. Concealer and a moisturizer which is tinted is enough for a typical day. Makeup tends to become liquidy when the weather is hot so it is best to use it less.

Go Bronze: Applying bronzer on your eyes makes you look bright and gives a warm glow to your face as per HD makeup artist in Chennai. To look natural, instead of applying it all over the face,you can use it as a highlighter on your face on the cheeks, nose or chin. For best results use a
powder bronzer as it can be applied quickly and moreover it comes in many shades so you can choose the shade that matches your skin.
Put the right things in your purse: Even the best school for makeup says that you should prep your wallet with the right things so that you can use it any time. Always keep a lip color, eyeliner,
deodorant and some wet wipes to ensure that you are sweat and oil-free always. Also, ensure that the size of the products is enough to fit into your purse and is suitable for travel as you don’t want to end up with a messy handbag.

If you love applying makeup on yourself but don’t know how to go about it, there are many certified makeup courses that you can enroll and learn.

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