Makeup Tips for Long lasting makeup in Winter

Let us admit it! Managing the skin and makeup during winter seasons is a nightmare. Your skin gets dried up, and the lips start chipping off, and you suddenly wish to hide in some secret hideout till the winter disappears, and the glorious summer rays start flowing in. But life is not that easy! You have to find some way out to beat the cold and look effortlessly gorgeous even on a chilly winter evening. For this, this the first person you need to search for is the best makeup artist in Chennai. They can help you to look your best even when you step out into the freezing climate.

In the meantime, here are some makeup tips from the experts:

  • Start The Skin Preparations From The Previous Night!

    Yes! You have to be prepared beforehand itself for that gorgeous looks next morning. Keeping your skin moisturized can help a lot in starting off the makeup routine easily the next morning. You could try moisturizing face masks recommended by your makeup expert. Such masks ensure that your skin keeps hydrated and is filled with extra nourishing ingredients that save your skin from the rough cold winds.

  • Wash The Face Every day!

    Never forget to wash your face every day. Use only some facewash with gentle ingredients. Go easy on your skin and choose a face wash that effectively removes the makeup, cleanses the skin, tones it and never lets your skin go dry. A professional makeup artist can help you to choose a gentle face wash that works well for your skin.

  • Keep Moisturizing Your Skin!

    Before you even begin applying the makeup, grab a good quality moisturizer exclusively made to combat the drying up, irritations and flakiness of skin caused by winter climate. In case you have oily skin, it is better to opt for gel products. Gel products absorb the moisture and reduce the pores on your skin. In case you have very dry skin or even a combination skin type, select a moisturizer that best suits such skin types. A makeup artist can help you choose the best moisturizer. Last but not the least, always make sure that the moisturizer you had applied is fully absorbed into your skin before you begin applying makeup.

A Personal Stylist Can Aid You In Beating The Chilly Winter Climate And Look Gorgeous!

Making your makeup last whole day especially on winter days can be quiet a difficult task. Most of us step out of home looking like a dream and return to home by evening looking like a horror! If you wish to avoid this situation, it is better to opt for the best makeup academy in Chennai. Here are some tips to make your makeup stay longer on your skin and you remain looking good all throughout the day!

Moisturizer- Your First Priority!

This one is a well-known fact, and still, we choose to repeat it as this is the most important point you should never forget. A good quality moisturizer ensures that your skin remains fresh and supple even in cold winters. A well-hydrated skin will obviously take more time to get dried up or become oily. If you have dry skin, make sure you opt for a deeply hydrating moisturizer especially during the winter season. If you have oily skin, a mattifying type moisturizer would be the best option

Primer Is Of Prime Importance!

Never skip the application of a primer before you apply the foundation. It is true that the primer costs more. But it is also true that it is always worth the extra bucks spent on it. It becomes a protective coating on your skin in between the skin and the foundation. Also, the foundation gets something good to stick onto. As the day progresses and the skin starts getting oily or dry, the primer helps to prevent the foundation from getting clung to the dry areas or slipping off from the skin. In short, it helps to keep your makeup intact on your face. Primers are available in the market for all skin types. Make sure you choose the primer that suits your skin type.

Choose The Ideal Makeup In Chennai For Looking Your Best In The Cold Climate

A professional makeup artist can solve all your makeup woes in all the climatic conditions. Be it the hot summers or the chilly winters; a makeup artist will always have the perfect answer to your makeup issues. Hence, no need to worry when the winter season starts creeping in. No need to keep hiding inside the doors. Put on the perfect look and step outside looking your charming best. Let the world go in awe and break their heads confused how you managed to look so good even on a cold winter evening!

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