Latest Trends For Wedding Makeup Artists in Chennai

Wedding day is the day when every bride looks resplendent, irrespective of the faith she follows. The art of bridal makeup has seen humongous change, just like every other makeup genres in the last couple of decades. The bride tries to incorporate the latest in makeup and silhouettes in the wedding attire, and the preparation for this starts months in advance. There are stereotypical ideas attached to the look of a bride of any faith and so for Christian brides. If you are getting wed in Chennai, you can rest assure that any Makeup artist in Chennai would do a wonderful job of making you a breathtaking Christian bride, with the best of makeup ideas and trends.

Bridal Makeup Chennai – All The Latest Trends You Want to Know

The process of any bridal makeup consists of deciding the colors and cosmetics to put on face and the best way of doing up the hair, of course in tandem with the wedding dress and the accessories of the bride. These are to be planned months in advance. The first in the list is of course the wedding dress of the bride. Best bridal makeup artist in Chennai or for that matter any other place, would like to plan the bride’s makeup in keeping with the bridal dress. The colors used in the dress, the kind of accessories that have been planned and not to forget the skin tone of the bride will determine the colors and style of cosmetics.

Christian weddings are day time affairs and therefore one need to be sure about the colors intended to put on face. There is generally not much of a role of bright lights herein and therefore a little subtlety is always welcome than an overdone look. Take your pick from the pinkish silver look, smoky eyes, nude lips, romantic pink lips or the glassy skin look; the latest makeup trends doing the rounds as of now.

Christian Bridal Makeup In Chennai – Makes You Look Splendid

A Christian bride generally wears a white flowing gown on her wedding day, though in certain cases regional nuances are also incorporated by some. The gown is generally a shade of white. Depending upon the body type of the bride, she can choose from a plethora of gown designs. Some of the most ethereal looking gowns designs would include:

  • A-Line style Gown
  • Ball-Gowns
  • Drop-Waist Style Gown
  • Vintage gowns
  • Trumpet Style Wedding Gown
  • Gowns with lacey sleeves and elaborate embroidery

 Bridal Makeup Chennai –Let Your Hairstyle Do The Talking

One of the most important components of bridal makeup is hair. A good hair style can leverage the look of the bride several notches higher.  There is no end to creativity here but of course one has to keep in mind the hair length, quality, manageability, face shape of the bride, and of course her own comfort in carrying out any style. The bride may require several sessions with her professional wedding makeup artist in Chennai to arrive at the best hair style, one that will make her look best. Generally accessories like veil and tiara are incorporated with Christian bridal look.

There are several hairdos that one can think of going ahead with. Using hair extensions is commonplace for brides and even if one has short hair and want to go ahead with puffs or ringlets falling softly, there are options available to make these possible.


Listed below are some of the hairdos that one can ponder upon.

  • Bridal bun with tiara
  • Messy side bun with poof and roses
  • Open hair with curls and tiara
  • High bun hairdo
  • Side parting with puff on crown and bun
  • Side parting with loose curls and headband
  • Full length curls with puff hairdo with hat veil
  • Wavy accessorized pony
  • Crown puffed hair style with side veil
  • Bride hairstyle with ringlets and puff

One can go ahead with any of these or better still, mix and match the nuances of any of these and come up with a new hairstyle altogether!


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