How To Switch From Professional Style To A Party Style Makeup Quickly?



What to do if you have to go to a party directly after your office? If you are a working woman, you would have experienced this situation at one time or the other. You may not have the time and space for an elaborate makeup session after your office. Such a scenario fills you with a lot of worries regarding your look; a long day at the office can be tiring, and you definitely have reason to worry! So, how to tackle this situation perfectly? Professional makeup artist in Chennai shares some valuable tips to help you out.


Makeup Transformation- Step By Step Guidelines By The Best Makeup Artist In Chennai!

This is divided into two sections; makeup before going to your office in the morning and the quick touch up session after the office. Read on!

Before going to the office

  • Step 1– The first and foremost step is to wash and clean your face. Wash your face thoroughly to get rid of the dust and dirt that would have accumulated over the day.
  • Step 2– Lightly moisturize your face; especially the area under your eyes. Apply a good moisturizer and ensure that every part of your face and neck is properly moisturized.
  • Step 3– Apply some contact powder over your face and then move on to beautifying your eyebrows. Eyebrows play a crucial role in defining your overall look; when they are done right, then half the work is done. If you have thin eyebrows, you can use brown or light black eyeshadow as a filler to make it appear thick. If your eyebrows are naturally thick, apply some mascara over it.
  • Step 4– Use a pastel eyeshadow as a highlighter for your eyebrow bone. The colour should blend with your skin tone. Choosing matte shades or very slightly shining ones would be better.
  • Step 5– Next step is to apply the eyeshadow. Choose the colour of your eyeshadow wisely; the shade should be slightly darker than the original colour of your eyelids. Matte eyeshadows give a classy look, and hence they would be better than the glittery ones .
  • Step 6– Use eyeshadow to cover up the lines and creases on the corner of your eye. This would make your eyes look deep and attractive.
  • Step 7– Now it is time to line your upper and lower lashes. Upper lash can be lined using a thin brush and the lower lash using an eye pencil.
  • Step 8– Use a light colour lipstick and apply it neatly on your lips. Avoid red colour as red may not look good when worn in a hurry. Most of the makeup artists in Chennai are of the opinion that red lipstick highlights the flaws in your face if it is not worn without applying concealer first on your face.
  • Step 9– Tie up your hair in a ponytail or some other simple hairstyle of your choice.

Now you are all set to go to your office. Your features are rightly defined, but nothing is overdone so that you won’t have to suffer that ‘why this much makeup to office?’ look by your colleagues. Before leaving, do not forget to put your makeup essentials into your bag. Make sure it includes compact powder, eye pencils of different shades (preferably green and blue or something which matches with your dress), kohl, mascara, lipstick and definitely a comb. If you won’t be able to change your costume from office, you can wear something which is colourful, yet not very loud so that it won’t look weird in an office. Carry a chic scarf in your bag so that you can wear it after the office. Also, carry some fancy accessories like earrings and bangles.

After office, just before leaving for the party
Note that these steps take just a few minutes and you can easily do it from your office.

  • Step 1– Apply compact on your face.
  • Step 2– Line your eyes with green and blue coloured pencils. On the upper lash, you can go for a thick line with either blue or green. Whatever you use, use the other colour on your lower lash.
  • Step 3– Highlight your brow bone and cheekbones using a highlighter.
  • Step 4– Wear kohl and mascara
  • Step 5-Touch up your lips again. What you have applied in the morning might have faded.
  • Step 6-Untie your hair, comb it well and leave it loose.
  • Step 7-Wear your accessories and the scarf.

You look perfect for the party now! Put on your brightest smile and go, join the party!

Need A Personal Stylist To Help You?

If you feel that you need more help regarding makeup, feel free to contact the professionals in this field. Makeup in Chennai is very popular, and you have excellent resources here for help! So, utilize the best option you have near you and bring out the gorgeous diva in you with the right makeup!

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