This Is Why You Should Be Switching To Natural Makeup

People think that natural makeup is something that has gained velocity and popularity in recent years. This is far from the truth. Cosmetics made of natural ingredients have been used even Before Christ i.e. thousands and thousands of years ago. It was with the birth of Ancient Egypt and Romans that makeup was made using harmful substances. What is the big advantage of using natural makeup that women are clamoring makeup academies in Chennai to learn how to apply it? The answer to this is simple and lies in the care we take of our body and skin.

We eat healthy to keep us fit. Before we buy anything to ear, we check the label and see the ingredients. We calculate the nutritional value of the item. We pick the fresher product. All to make sure that what we put inside our bodies keeps us strong and in the pink of health. Even the personal hygiene products we use need to be organic now. We look for sulfate free and harsh ingredient free soaps and shampoos. All this to keep us fit. So why should we not worry about the cosmetics we apply on our face. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the body, and it should be kept in the best shape possible.

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This is why we need to use natural makeup. When sixty percent of what we apply on the skin is absorbed inside then why not use products that are healthy and natural. Natural cosmetics have no harmful ingredients. They have vitamins and SPF that occur in nature. Therefore, far from hurting the skin, they are helpful in protecting it from sun damage. Plus, they are anti allergic.

Mineral makeup is a type of natural cosmetic that has hit the trend with women. As the name suggests, it is made of inorganic and organic materials found in nature as compared to artificial and synthetic ingredients of traditional cosmetics. Unlike generic makeup that can result in skin problems with overuse or prolonged use, natural makeup is healthy for the skin because it has various ingredients that protect it. With mineral makeup, one can look awesome while keeping the skin natural.  In fact they help in nourishing your skin and helps your skin look healthier and younger.

Mineral makeup has no oil in it which means that it does not clog the pores of the skin. Pore- clogging is one of the major reasons of breakouts and skin irritation. Because is not- allergenic it can be used by persons who have sensitive skin easily. Conventional makeup is full of ingredients like:

  • mineral oil
  • talc
  • isopropyl alcohol
  • sodium lauryl sulphate

Each of these ingredients prevents the skin from breathing and stops its natural function which ultimately leads to skin problems. When compared Mineral Cosmetics contains vitamins like C and E which promote skin growth and keep it healthier.Take care of the skin god gave you. Don’t splurge on normal cosmetic because they are cheap. Look for natural makeup. Most brands have come up with a mineral line of cosmetics.

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