How To Do This Natural Basic Makeup Look In Few Minutes

There was a time when loud and bold makeup was one the most requested personal makeup course in salons and academies. Those days are a long, long gone today the modern women favour a look which is natural. Nude shades that cover the entire face have become a learning essential in every makeup artist course. The adage less is more has become a mantra. Today we bring to you some simple tricks that allow you to put your makeup on in just a few minutes while looking flawlessly natural.
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The best way to keep an effortless natural look is to stick to the deadline. Set a goal that in five minutes you will be done with the entire face. This limits that time you spend on each part of the face which ensures that you don’t overdo any aspect. A trick to learning if the makeup you have put on is actually natural is to do it near a window or a door that allows sunlight to seep it. Check the makeup in daylight. If it looks even a smudge loud, then it is not natural.  When wearing makeup in the day, it is important that it does not stand out else it will make a face look plastic and unnatural.

To get an even tone and colour after cleaning your face apply moisturiser all over. A supple skin will not only make you look fresher but would be easier to blend foundation on because a dry patch of skin grows even drier with makeup and shows as an uneven shade. After applying cream begin with either a foundation that matches the skin tone or a tinted day cream. Dab dots of it around the face. Use a sponge or your fingers to blend it completely onto the skin. Remember blending is important to give even look. After the foundation is applied use a concealer under the eye to cover the dark circles. If you have breakouts of red spots cover then too. Blend the concealer from the eye into the nose area to give complete coverage.

The next step is to apply mascara to the eyelashes. Mascara not only makes your eye pop but also gives the illusion of long lengthy lashes. Make sure that mascara shade matches the lash colour. Simple go from the bottom of the lashes to the tips. Apply two coats in total but wait for the first coat to dry before you apply the second. You can leave the lower lash line natural or apply a tad bit of mascara to them. The last step is to apply a lip colour. It can be a lip gloss, matte lipstick or a lip stain. Pick any colour and any type that suits your best. The correct way to apply lip colour is to use a brush. It gives an even look to the lips. If there is less time, you can directly apply the lipstick too.

For each person, the perfect makeup may vary. Learn cosmetic tips that suit you. If you wish for a natural look, go for guidance in nude shades. For those who love a bold look go for more loud makeup tutorials.

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