Great Ways To Apply Eyeliner, Mascara, And Bronzer

The eye is the index of the face; every woman wants to look her best and eyes play a vital role in this. Eye makeup plays an integral part of facial makeup, and it can be divided into many sections. To start with, learn how to apply eyeliner. Eye liners can be divided into many types, liquid or shadow. Pencil eyeliner is simple and can be applied without any assistance. Self-makeup course reveals that pencil eyeliners tend to melt and leaves you plain; add a dab of eye shadow on the top of the eyeliner, and it stays for long. Gel eyeliner presents a dramatic look, and it pops out of your eye. Makeup classes Chennai is suitable for beginners to understand eye makeup. Shadow eyeliner comes with a brush applicator. It creates and needs several coats to get the right color. Choose any eyeliner and sweep from inner to the outer corner. It can also be started from the middle to the inner corner. The thickness can be varied depending on how dramatic to present your look

Eye shadow colors

If you want your eyeshadow to stay for long gives an eye primer. A skin tone eye shadow from lash to brow bone is advised. Use a concealer to hide the blemishes. Use eye brush to apply the lash to better control and shape. Apply the darkest color with the eyeshadow on the crease. It gives more depth and proportion to your eye. If you want some extra sparkle to add some shadow to the top of the eyelid.

woman applying self eye makeup using eye shadow brush

Apply mascara for stunning look

Do not pull the brush from the mascara tube several times as it could damage the bristles of the brush. Just tip the brush just once in the mascara for the right coat. There are many types of mascara brushes, but the right one would be one with small bristles. It gives more control. Ensure there is no clumping. Remove the mascara with eye makeup remover. For full and thicker eyelashes begin from the root to the tip. Make sure it is coated individually. Experiment with colors for the right effect. The mascara should not be smudged with the rest of the makeup. Apply the mascara after foundation, eye shadow and face powder.

Guide to apply mascara
woman holding mascara brush and applying self eye makeup infront of mirror

Applying mascara is a trick that needs to be mastered. It comes with practice. Mascara highlights your eyes. It is applied after completing the makeup. The lashes have to be cleaned thoroughly before starting the application. It curls the lashes and hence clumping has to be prevented. Wedding makeup artist advices to use waterproof mascara to avoid smudging makeup and accidental blackened tears of joy on your wedding day.  

Best way to apply mascara

Move from the inside of the eye and stroke it gently on the upper lashes. Apply at the root to give it a length. Pull the wand up through the lashes slowly. For final touches close the eyes and place the wand at the base on the top of the lash to remove clumps. Use lash combs for better results

How to choose colored mascara

Normally black is the most preferred color as it suits everyone. For blonde’s black is not suitable so opt for brown. Blue mascara looks great on blue eyes. Purple is apt for brown eyed people.

How to apply bronzer correctly

Bronzers can be divided into two types, for a smooth application, choose powder based bronzer; it helps to improve your skin tone. It is suitable for oily skin. Cream bronzer can be used on people with dry skin as it moisturizes the skin.

Bronzer colors for ethnic skin tones

Want to look natural choose natural shade for ethnic skin tones. For Afro-American skin tone choose pale peach, light pink, coral or bronze. For dark skin tone, use peach, medium pink, bronze, deep red and for the darkest of skin tone user deep pink, red, plum and fuchsia.

How to apply bronzer

For best results use a bronzer using your fingers or sponge. It helps spread evenly.

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