General Concepts For Makeup

Just like every other skill, makeup requires learning from the scratch. There are few dos and don’ts that those learning the art of makeup, must learn as the first step.

makeup artist applying makeup to a client in personal makeup class

Personal makeup workshop elaborates on the sequence of steps in any makeup regimen. It is listed as below:

  • Applying the primer as the base to help get a clear finish and prepare the skin for foundation. The primer also helps to conceal any blemishes or dark patchy skin issues.
  • Applying the foundation that should always go with your skin tone is vital. Do not forget the neck or else your face and neck will reflect two different colors.
  • Next, comes the eye makeup; first apply the eye shadow, then the liner and finally the mascara, in that order
  • Color the lips next. Choose a lip liner that blends best with your lip color.
  • The blusher is the last. The brush requires being stroked gently here so that the blush does not stand out from the rest of the skin tone, looking garish.

Basics of Eye makeup

Makeup courses in Chennai highlight why getting the basics of eye makeup right is extremely important. If eye makeup is badly done, it can mar your looks whereas nicely done ones will accentuate your look multifold. Choose the right eye color that suits the time of the day and occasion; it is not important to always match it with your attire.

woman holding makeup brush for self makeup How to apply makeup

Getting the right tools and the right make up elements is a prerequisite to learning to apply makeup. Get your set of makeup brushes. Primer and foundation are best applied with finger tips and then smoothened over the face. Compact and blush are to be applied with their respective brushes, with the right strokes. The same goes true for eye shadow, eye liner, and lip liners. You can ditch the brush for filling the lips and apply the lipstick straight but remember they should not show outside your lip line.

How to apply eye makeup

It is essential to choose the right colors for the eyes, whether for shadow or liner. Choosing your wedding eye makeup color can be tricky. For a bride, wedding makeup for eye can literally make or break the bridal look.Your choice of eye shadow should complement your skin tone. If you cannot decide, play safe. Nude colors always help in the day time and smoky eyes at the night time can go with every kind of dress and color. Draw the eyeliner perfectly. It will come with practice but every time try to draw them as seamless as possible. Finish off with the mascara. Make sure your mascara does not cake and blends effortlessly with the eyelashes.

Basic brushes for applying makeup

Makeup cannot be applied without the right brushes. Therefore, for anybody who is applying or learning to apply makeup, it is essential first to buy a good set of brushes; brushes that come with soft hair and do not lose their shape easily. The must-haves in your list would include powder brush, blush brush, eyeliner brush, eye shadow brush, brow groomer and lip brush. Though generally foundation is applied with finger tips, there are specific brushes for that too worth giving a try.

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