Corrective Eye Makeup – Cover The Flaws

It is rightly said that the eyes are windows to the soul. The first facial feature that catches our attention is the eyes. Beautifully done up eyes speak a thousand words, and at the same time, patchy coloured eyes spell absolute disaster. No wonder why every makeup artist course in Chennai focuses mainly on the eyes when it comes to facial makeup.

How to apply eye make up

Learning the trick of perfect eye makeup is an art. Though not difficult, it does take a little time to master. Before you proceed onto work on your eyes, be sure of two most important aspects; number one is the colour of your eyes, and two is your skin tone. Different shades complement different eye colours and skin tones. For example, browns and peaches go with warmer skin tones. And if your skin colour is light, you can experiment with more vibrant colours.

makeup artist applying advanced makeup to a woman

Eye makeup ideas

Different eye makeup styles trend at different times, but there are a few that are evergreen:

  • The natural style – that uses the nudes and browns and are perfect always for day wear
  • The smoky eyes – The eternal favourite to add drama to your eyes and the one that goes with every skin tone and attire colours,
  • The gradient style – that uses the lighter shades on the inner crease and darker on the outer crease and are perfect for weddings and celebrations
  • The cat eyes – that come with the vintage winged liner look, or
  • The colourful eyes – that uses a palate of colours across the lid to create a bold look.

How to apply dramatic eye makeup

Not everybody can afford a professional makeup artist to do the eyes for them always, and therefore, it is important to learn few dos and don’ts. It is important that your eye shadow and liner keeps smudge free for hours. For the purpose, try buying the smudge proof colours for your eyes and apply a thin coat of foundation over your eyelids to keep the shadow colours and liner intact.

One trick that always helps to create dramatic eyes consists of applying the lightest tone of all over the lid area, applying the medium colour tone over the inner crease, finishing off with the darkest tone over the outer crease.  

Eye makeup

Before you proceed with your eye makeup, get the right kind of tools and cosmetics. If you are using cream base shadow, ensure that you put only a thin film of it over the eyes. Powder eyeshadows work fine and are particularly easy to use when you are required to blend two or more colours.

Correct eye makeup colour

The colour of your eye makeup makes all the difference. More often than not, we are confused over this one aspect. Other than the colour of your eyes and skin, you should also take into the account whether it’s a day or night makeup and whether the place will be highly illuminated.

For those interested in learning about eye makeup in Chennai, several advanced makeup classes are available that can help in the process.

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