Tips From The Best Wedding Makeup Artists

A wedding is often categorized as a life changing event for every woman.  She transforms from being a single person to being the wife of her beloved husband. This wonderful ceremony is marked in several cultures by having a huge party with friends and family in attendance.  The bride is often made up to look gorgeous on this day, as she says ‘I Do’ to the man of her dreams. Several experienced wedding makeup artists Chennai have been helping brides look their very on their special day.

Top Tips For Stunning Wedding Makeup

Stay True To Your Natural Look

Many brides make the stake of experimenting too much for their wedding day. However, this has a 50-50 % chance of working out. Professional makeup artists recommend doing a trial session days ahead of the ceremony to see whether the new style suits you or not.

Use Waterproof Makeup

Weddings are naturally an emotional affair and might have you tearing up at least once before the night is over. Ensure that your makeup looks spot on by using waterproof makeup. There are plenty of brands available in the market which will do the job well.

airbrush wedding makeup for brides by professional makeup artist chennaiConsider Airbrush Makeup

Getting an airbrush foundation done means you will have a smooth and flawless look that will last a longer time than traditional makeup. Airbrush also offers you the advantage of getting beautiful photographs where you look stunning beside your life partner. Some brides take one step ahead and get airbrushing done on their arms, chest and even back of their neck to get an even skin tone. It helps any tan lines or blemishes that you might have.

Get Luscious Lips

You might assume that applying makeup on your lips is an easy task. However, you need to take into account which shades suit you the best, as well as do a bit of blending to get that perfect pouty look.

false eyelash makeup for wedding by Bridal makeup artistTry Out False Eyelashes

Another way to enhance your bridal look is adding some false lashes. They will make you look shy and demure as you say your wedding vows. If you do not want to add the entire set of false lashes, you also have the option of cutting the false lashes and then incorporating them with your real lashes to give a fuller effect. 


Makeup contouring can define your entire look in a jiffy. This helps bring out your jawline and define your bone structure much more than regular makeup. However, it needs to be applied by a professional to ensure that he contouring is done perfectly.  A touch of highlight is added at the end to give a b of extra shine to your features.

Try To Look Natural

Some brides might get carried away and end up getting too much makeup done, ending up in a doll like look. The safest bet to look gorgeous is to try to get a natural look done that enhances your features subtly, giving an impression of a blushing bride in all her glory.

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