Role Of A Bridal Mehndi Artist In Indian Weddings

The custom of applying mehandi started in India in the Mughal era. Now mehandi is an integral part of Indian weddings. Some of the Indian states have a separate pre-wedding ceremony dedicated for decorating the bride’s hands with mehandi. Mehandi is given so much of importance that its perfection is mandatory in weddings just like any other beautification process. So, a talented mehandi artist is very important in Indian weddings. Mehandi is popular in North India and South India alike. Unlike the bridal costumes and accessories, the mehandi designs do not differ greatly; bridal mehndi in Chennai may resemble the designs in Rajasthan or Punjab.

Bridal mehandi designs by skulpt wedding makeup artist

Simple as well as complex and intricate mehandi designs are available. The intricate ones decorating the entire forearms and sometimes the feet are the most preferred ones for weddings. A person who is not a professional would not be able to do a complex design in its perfection. Moreover, only a professional would be able to complete the mehandi designing within a short time. In most of the cities, mehandi designing comes as a package along with wedding makeup.  For example, the package for wedding makeup Chennai consists of mehandi designing, hair styling and makeup.

Different Styles Of Bridal Mehndi Designs For Wedding

The most popular mehandi design styles are the Arabic, the Indian, the Pakistani and the African. Let us look into each style one by one!
Bridal mehandi in chennai by wedding makeup artistArabic style

The Arabic mehandi style follows the general pattern seen on their clothes, paintings, etc. The design consists mainly of floral patterns which flow throughout your hands. The design usually leaves spaces in between which adds to the beauty of the floral pattern.

Indian style

Indian mehandi art is more detailed when compared to the Arab style. The designs such as peacock, bride and groom images, paisleys, etc. which are symbolic representations of Indian culture and tradition are very common in Indian designs. The regional styles within India such as the Rajasthani, Punjabi, etc. are also very popular in weddings.

bridal wedding mehandi designs in chennaiPakistani

Pakistani mehandi resembles Indian designs, but with extreme intricacy and detailing. Designs under this style are time-consuming, but the result is so stunning that it is worth your time.

African style

This style makes use of geometrical patterns in their maximum excellence. Lines, dots, squares, etc. are used in plenty in African designs. They give great importance to proportion. This style is more rural and not modern in its nature. Not many Indian brides try the African style for their wedding; but if you wish to be unique and try something uncommon, African mehandi designs would be a good choice.

How to choose the best from a lot of Mehndi Wedding Designs?

From the numerous designs available, it is not easy to pinpoint a few designs and tell they are the best. The design must suit your hands and add to your beauty; this is the most important criterion for choosing a bridal design. Matching the designs with the pattern in your bridal wear is an interesting idea which can be tried out!

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