Mehndi Designs For The Modish Yet Traditional Bride

Bridal mehandi designs for wedding by skulpt makeup artist

Ever heard of an Indian wedding or Pakistani wedding without the gorgeous orange tinted brown Mehandi works? No! Weddings are never really complete without the mehndi. In India, there is even a popular saying that how much the Mehandi becomes dark on the eve of wedding proves the intensity of love the groom has for his bride. So, no wonder pretty brides always yearn for the darkest mehndi on their hands and legs. A mehndi is said to reflect the joy of the ceremony and is considered as an auspicious sign too. It is better to go for a professional wedding makeup artist to do your mehndi works on the wedding day. Usually, the makeup artist visits the home of the bride to apply Mehandi designs on the bride and other family members. The most vital point, in this case, is the choice of mehndi pattern. The makeup artist will show you a wide range of patterns to choose from. There are gorgeous bridal designs, classical designs, contemporary designs and royal designs to pick from. Try choosing the one that will look the best on the hands of the bride. Also, keep in mind the wedding dress of the bride and choose a mehndi pattern that matches with it.

A Skilful And Talented Mehndi Artist Makes Desirable Designs

Bridal Mehandi designs by a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist in SkulptIn Indian weddings usually, the names of the bride and groom are hidden within the mehndi patterns. Then the groom is asked to find out the names from the blushing bride’s hands. If he finds it, then he wins the game. There are many such interesting games in any typical Indian wedding.

Try checking with the previous customers of the Mehndi artist to get an idea about his/her works. Mehndi makeup artists usually work on hourly rates. Ensure that the Mehandi artist always uses good quality Mehandi paste. They also give instructions on the measures to be taken after the Mehandi application so that the Mehandi gets the darkest colour. Check out the bridal mehandi packages offered by leading mehandi artists. Pick out a package that suits your budget. The package will include the preparation of Mehandi paste, application of the chosen design and measures to get the maximum colour for the patterns. Some packages are exclusively for the bride alone. Mehandi is applied on the hands and legs in beautiful designs. Other packages include the application of mehandi on the bride, relatives and guests. Choose the one that suits your needs.

Bridal Mehndi Designs Captivates The On-Lookers

Mehandi paste is prepared from the leaves of the henna plant. The leaves are ground together in the form of a paste. Hence mehandi is also called henna in some areas. It is the ideal way to apply gorgeous body art designs without any piercings or pain involved like in the application of tattoos. It will also fade away within one or two months. Hence, there is no need to worry about removing it. The choice of the perfect mehandi design is the most important point for any wedding. The makeup artist itself will show a wide range of designs. You could also browse the net and download beautiful designs. The mehandi artist will do that design for you.

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