Fascinating Bridal Mehndi Designs For Wedding

wedding mehandi designs in chennai for bridesWeddings are never really complete without gorgeous Mehandi designs. Weddings, especially in India and Pakistan give great importance to Mehandi designs. As time progressed, modern brides now look for more options than the usual traditional designs. This gave way to many modern trends and designs in Mehandi designs. The bridal mehndi in Chennai is no different. More and more brides approach makeup artists for different mehandi designs.

The most popular patterns used in mehandi designs since time immemorial are peacock designs, flower designs, baraat designs and Kalash designs. These designs are still the hot favourite even though some slight variations in the patterns have been added to match up with the present trends. Nowadays, bold paisley patterns and floral patterns drawn in intricate designs make the mehandi look stylish and cool. The usage of glitters, colours, stones and glitters as part of the mehandi designs make the modern patterns look eye-catchy.

Pick A Professional Bridal Mehndi Artist For Your Wedding 

Weddings are a once in a lifetime moment and hence everything you choose for your special day has to be perfect. Always try choosing the best wedding makeup artist in Chennai for your wedding makeup and mehandi work. Professionals will know all the latest trends and designs in mehandi patterns. Here are some of the latest trends in mehandi designs:
Traditional bridal mehandi designs by skulpt wedding makeup artist


The times may change, weathers may change, bridal styles may change, but somewhere down the insides, we all strongly and deeply hold onto our traditional roots. Hence, traditional style of mehandi never completely goes out of fashion. Some brides still prefer the traditional style and the classic beauty it gives them. The traditional designs usually completely cover up the entire hand and legs. It is filled with intricate patterns and has fewer gaps in between. The designs can be floral designs, traditional Rajasthani or Tamil figurines, lattice or jal designs, designs of Radha and Krishna, etc.


Arabic patterns are one of the most sought-after designs by today’s brides. It has large gaps in between and is filled with scattered or geometric designs. It includes flowing elements in the design.
bridal mehandi design by wedding makeup artist

This is the latest trend adopted by modern day brides who love to try new trends and designs. It includes usage of fine powders of glitter or glittering stickers in the mehandi designs.

Dubai Floral

It is also one of the latest trends in mehandi designs. It includes floral designs in modern pattern yet it retains the traditional look as well. This better suits the casual bride who is modern yet traditional.


Nowadays, brides use coloured mehandi to match up with the colour of their wedding dresses. The most commonly used colours are reds, purples and greens. The makeup artists usually use a mix of dyes or nail polishes with the mehandi paste to create coloured mehandi.

Gorgeous Wedding Mehndi Designs To Deck Up The Alluring Bride

The wide variety of mehandi patterns ensure that the beguiling bride basks up in compliments on her wedding day. The mehandi or henna is regarded as an auspicious sign and applying mehandi is one among the oldest traditions of India. Mehandi is also said to signify the strong and unique bond of matrimony.

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