Create Magic On Your Hands With Brilliant Bridal Wedding Mehndi Designs

Indian weddings are incomplete without mehandi. Brides all over the country use lovely mehandi designs to adorn their arms and feet. The wedding bridal mehndi in Chennai is very popular; people in Chennai consider mehandi as a symbol of good luck, prosperity and happiness and it is vital when it comes to a bride. How to apply mehandi beautifully? Here are some guidelines for you!

bridal mehandi designs by Skulpt wedding makeup artistPoints to consider before applying mehandi

Mehandi will lock your hands for two to three hours, and you cannot use your hands until the mehandi completely dry; so make sure you are in a comfortable position before applying it.Keep some towels or tissues near you to wipe off the smudges.

During mehandi application

Choose a good mehandi brand or use home-made mehandi paste. A good mehandi cone is a must for proper mehandi application, especially the intricate ones. Hold the mehandi just like a pen and draw the designs on the hands. There are numerous designs to choose from. Arabian, Indian and Pakistani designs are the most popular ones in bridal mehandi.

Here are a few wonderful designs which you can try out!

  • The Pretty Paisley- Paisley is always a classic design and can be done in different forms and sizes.
  • Fascinating Florals- Floral designs have their own magnificence. They go well with any type of bridal attire.
  • Royal Raja and Rani-King and queen faces are very common in Indian bridal designs. This design gives a royal look to the bride’s hands.
  • Splendid Swirls-Swirls and curves fill the bride’s hands with charm. Rightly placed swirls along with floral or leaves design would look stunning.

Do not forget these steps after mehandi application!
hands with bridal mehandi designs by Skulpt makeup artist

If you want your mehandi to be dark, then apply the mix of sugar syrup and lemon juice on the mehandi design at regular intervals. You can dip a cotton in the mix and apply it gently over the mehandi. If possible, leave the mehandi overnight, this would ensure best results. After taking the mehandi off, do not wash your hands immediately. Try not to wash it for four to five hours.  The mehandi would get darker in colour as time passes and would reach its maximum within this time.

Good brands of mehandi would not have any negative effects on your skin. If by any chance, you are feeling an irritation on your skin, and if you feel the irritation getting stronger, then wash it off immediately and consult a skin doctor.

Should You Hire A Bridal Mehndi Artist?

bridal hands with wedding mehandi designsThere may be friends and relatives who know to apply mehandi well. You yourself might be an artist as well! But it is best to get it done by a professional on your wedding day. A professional would have the best idea regarding which designs would go with your wedding attire. He/she would also be able to apply it flawlessly and quickly without taking much of time during the busy wedding eve. Mehandi designing comes as a part of the Chennai wedding makeup. The same would be available in other cities also which makes your complete wedding makeover a lot easy!

A Few Interesting Beliefs About Bridal Mehndi

  • The darker the colour of the mehandi on your hands, the stronger would be your marriage bond.
  • If the mehandi lasts longer, then you are lucky to have a loving and understanding mother in law, and it also indicates an auspicious beginning for the newlyweds.

Truly interesting, isn’t it? We don’t know whether these beliefs are true or not, but one thing is sure; there is nothing to replace mehandi in an Indian wedding!

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