Beguiling Bridal Hair Style For The Captivating Look

A bride is supposed to look perfect and gorgeous in all aspects. A suitable and beautiful hair style is one of the most important parts of decking up the bride. Brides usually take great care in choosing the perfect hair style complimenting her looks and the wedding dress she wears. Always try choosing the best wedding makeup artist in Chennai. They will provide you with a wide range of hairstyles to choose from. Here are some of the most favoured hair styles by Indian brides:
Bridal hairstyles for wedding by Skulpt Makeup Artist Chennai

Classic Up Do

This is the most common hair style, and it remains in trend no matter how the times change. The up do hairstyle makes the bride look classy and elegant. It is an effortless hairstyle, and the hair won’t get tangled in between the jewels or wedding dress works. It is also the perfect option to wear a veil or tiara for christian weddings. It can also be decorated with jasmine flowers all around and make the bride look traditional yet glamorous.

Loose And Long

Most of the brides opt for long and loose hair styles. Let the hair play with the wind, hide your blushing smile and make you look like a dream! In case you do not have naturally wavy or straight hair, the makeup artist can do hair treatments to make your hair look the best on your wedding day. Hair sprays and lotions help to hold the hair in place and manage thick or curly hair types.

Sassy And Short

This is the latest trend among smart and young brides who dare to try new looks. The hair is kept short, stylish and sleek. But this hairstyle can only suit some brides. It depends on the shape and style of the bride’s face and head.

Enticing Wedding Hair Style Makes The Bride Look Like A Dream

Traditional South Indian bride's bridal braid hairstyle by Skulpt professional wedding makeup artist in chennaiBridal hairstyles play an important role in completely transforming the brides’ looks on the wedding day. Choosing a hair style that will look best on you can seem to be a difficult task considering the wide range of options to choose from. One great idea would be checking out bridal web pages or blogs. You will get an idea about the various hair styles and trendy ones that are most preferred by the brides. You could also just flip through various bridal hairstyle magazines and choose the one that appeals you the most. Try to match the hairstyle with the wedding dress you have chosen. For example, a hairstyle that matches well with a wedding gown might not go well with a heavily worked wedding lehenga. Also, try choosing a hair style that matches with your hair length.

Pick The Perfect Hair Style For Brides To Match With The Looks And Dress

Though you may have zeroed in on some hair styles that you liked the most while browsing the net or checking out magazines, always seek the advice of professional hair stylists before adopting the style. It is not necessary that the style chosen by you will suit your face or wedding dress. A well experienced make up artist can explain to you and show you hair styles that will suit your type of head shape, face style and wedding dress style.


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