A Few Suggestions On Bridal Hairstyles For Wedding Based On The Length And Type Of Your Hair!

The hairstyle is an important element which affects the overall look on your wedding day. Choosing the right style is very crucial to be at your best appearance. Just like the clothes and accessories, bridal hairstyles also vary slightly based on the state and religion. Traditional bridal hairstyles in Chennai may be different from the ones in Kerala and Karnataka. Stating this does not mean that they are poles apart; all we can see is slight variations that too only in traditional styles. While coming to modern trends, the bridal hairstyles are same almost everywhere.

What To Consider Before Choosing Wedding Hairstyles?

The length of your hair is an important factor while choosing a hairstyle because the number of options you have depends greatly on the hair length. In the opinion of the best wedding makeup artist in Chennai, a hairstyle which is chosen carefully after considering all these factors has least chances of going wrong.

bridal makeup hairstyles for weddingStyles suitable for short hair

You would not be able to tie up your hair and hang it loose if your hair is short. But why worry? You have plenty of other options! A lot of accessories such as beads, gems, bands, flowers, etc. are available to style your short hair perfectly. If you would love to have a few curls or waves, there are ways to use extensions to your hair. The best benefit of having short hair is that you can use gel in your hair differently to match your wedding attire.

Styles suitable for medium length hair

Hair which reaches your shoulders is considered to be of medium length. Medium length hair allows the broadest range of styles. You can choose to tie it up in a fancy style or let is loose simply straight or in curls. Separating the hair in parts and twisting them up using beautiful accessories is also an appealing style.

bridal hairstyles by wedding makeup artist in chennaiStyles suitable for long hair

The general notion is that it is easy to style long hair. But long hair which is equally heavy is a bit difficult to manage. It can be tied up, but most would prefer to let hang the hair down so that the true beauty of long hair is visible. Long hair makes it easy to add plenty of curls. Hairspray would be a must to keep the curls intact.

Along with the length of the hair, the shape of your face should also be considered while choosing a bridal hairstyle.

Best Wedding Hairstyle Is The One That Makes You Beautiful And Happy!

Your wedding hairstyle is said to be the best when it adds to your charm and makes you confident and happy at the same time. It should not make you extremely self-conscious or uncomfortable.  Keep the above-listed points in mind while deciding your bridal hairstyle. Choose the right hair stylist and hairstyle. Once you have done this, then you need not be worried about how your hair looks. Relax and smile. It’s your wedding day!

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