Pick The Best Bridal Hairstylist For Your Wedding Reception

wedding makeup hairstyles by skulpt makeup artistWeddings are the most special day in the life of any girl. All girls start dreaming about how she will look on the day of her wedding right from the childhood days. In Indian weddings, there are many ceremonies associated with a wedding. The wedding ceremony or pooja ceremony are usually traditional ones, and hence the choice of hairstyles also have to be strictly traditional and has to go with the traditional wedding dress. But receptions are different. Here the bride gets more chance to experiment with her hairstyle. There is a wide range of bridal hairstyles for reception in Chennai.

In receptions, the bride need not cover any portion of her hair like in weddings or pooja functions. Hence, the hairstyle has to be chosen carefully in such a way that the bride looks ravishing and stylish. The hairstyle should also match well with the bride’s reception dress. Hence, it would be a good idea to show the picture of reception dress to the makeup artist so that they can help you choose a matching hairstyle.

Points To Take Care While Choosing A Bridal Makeup Artist

It is always better to choose the best wedding makeup in Chennai for your wedding reception. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one:
bridal makeup by skulpt wedding makeup artist

  • Check the work experience of the makeup artist. The more experienced the person, the better would be the work
  • Before deciding the hairstyle, decide your budget for the hairstyle. You should not end up spending more than the intended amount for the wedding hairstyle alone.
  • Never choose your hairstylist in a hurry. You will end up choosing the wrong one and will have to suffer the results. Always take your time, ask around and find the best hairstylist.
  • Always visit the hairstylist at least two months before the wedding and consult with them. You should be able to build a rapport with them, and they should cooperate with your needs. Also, take trials of the hairstyle and then decide the one that is best for you.
  • After you have chosen the hairstylist and hairstyle, trust them and believe that they will do the best for you.

Enticing Reception Hairstyles Makes The Bride Look Like A Dream

While choosing the reception hairstyle, always choose the one that suits the shape of your head, face and also the wedding dress. Here are some options you could try:

bridal hairstyles for reception by wedding makeup artistThe Bun Style

This is one of the most popular hairstyles and it never really goes out of fashion. There are many different ways to design a bun, and you could even add various jewels on it to make it look elegant yet stylish. You could either opt for a high updo style or a fake hair updo whichever you feel is the best for you. You could even add a heavy maang tikka or add beautiful flowers on the side of the bun.

Let It Flow

Another great option is to leave the hair open and let it flow. In case you have a long beautiful hair, what better occasion than your reception to flaunt it? You could even add some jewels or flowers to the hair and make it look gorgeous. But, it is better to avoid this hairstyle if your wedding is in the summer season.

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