Choose The Bridal Hairstyle Which Matches Perfectly For Your Face!

Every lady would love to appear in her finest look on her wedding day. If your wedding is nearing, it is obvious that you would be busy preparing for it. You spend a lot of time for selecting the costumes, accessories, etc. A factor which is often ignored is your hairstyle for the wedding day. The hairstyle is a dominant factor which decides your overall look. According to the experts in bridal hairstyles in chennai, a great bridal hairstyle is the one which matches the shape of your face.

Bridal hairstyles by skulpt wedding makeup artist in chennaiSpending some of your time before the wedding day to figure out the hairstyle which suits your face the best would help to save a lot of time and tension on the wedding day. The first thing you should do is to analyse the shape of your face. The following are the usual shapes.

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Long
  • Square
  • Heart

Study the shape of your face carefully and decide under which category it falls. Then you are all set to choose a hairstyle which matches the face shape. If you are finding difficulty in figuring out the shape of your face, then keep your face close to a mirror and trace the outline of your face on the mirror using a marker or eraser, move away and see the shape. There you go!

A Few Wedding Hairstyles For Brides Based On The Shape Of The Faces

Round face: Round faced ladies would have a naturally chubby look. So, the hair styling should aim at making them look a bit slimmed down. Hair tied up and hanging down loosely in such a way that the bits come around the face would be a good idea. As per the expert wedding makeup artist Chennai, you can also choose to let your hair loose, but make sure the hair looks wavy and voluminous and not flat and straight. A flat and straight hairstyle would make your face look even chubbier and rounder.

wedding hairstyles for brides by chennai makeup artistOval or long face: For long faces, a hairstyle which would make the face appear less lengthy would look good. For really long faces, centre parting hairstyle won’t be a good idea because it would draw more attention to length. Fringes, waves and curls will work well.

Square face: Side parting hairstyle will suit a square face as it would make the face look less broad. A long fridge which falls over to your eyebrows would add glam to a square or angular face. A very tight up do is a strict no-no as it would draw the entire attention to the wide jaw line.

Heart face: Heart shaped faces would be narrower towards the chin. So leaving loose curls around the face and especially towards the cheek and jaw line area would help in adding width to the narrow parts.

Flaunt Your Hair In The Best Bridal Hairstyle

So, now you know which hairstyle matches you well and which styles do not. Try different styles and pick up the most appealing ones. Take the help of an expert makeup artist to help you with the styling. You may have the idea, but making the curls and waves work on your hair is something which only a professional would be able to do best. So, all set to strike your wedding day in style?

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