A Quick Glance Into Groom Wedding Makeup Tips

Usually, for weddings, the word makeup is mostly associated with the brides. But how can the groom be left behind? It is also his most special day of life, and he has to match with the ravishing looks of his bride. He has to look dapper and charm his girl the moment she steals a look at his smiling face. Particularly in the case of Indian weddings, everything is just grandiose, and the groom can’t be left behind. In that case, the first thing to do is to choose a professional groom wedding makeup artist in Chennai.

Makeup artist applying facial to a groom for his wedding ceremonyMakeup in the case of men is to be done with much more care and precision than it is done on a bride. The makeup should not take off the masculine looks of the groom. It should just cover up the flaws on his face and should be very subtle. The groom should not look all decked up in layers of makeup. That would only create a negative effect. The best definition of a man’s makeup is that no one should understand he has put on makeup, but he should look naturally handsome and dashing. This one is a bit tricky, and hence only professional makeup artists can achieve this look with perfection.

Naturally Handsome Looks Through Wedding Makeup For Grooms

Prospective grooms can opt for a good wedding makeup in Chennai and choose the look he needs for the wedding day. Here are some makeup tips for the dashing grooms out there:
Groom wedding makup tips

Concealers Work Wonders

The main purpose for the makeup of grooms is to hide or conceal the flaws on their face. This can be done best with a concealer. Choose a concealer that is near to your skin complexion. It helps smoothen the skin and cover up the dark spots, dark circles under the eyes or uneven shades of complexion.

Highlight The Features

Every one of us has some best features that are maybe the best part of your face. It could be your lips, cheekbone or nose. In such cases, highlighting brings out the best features of the face and make the groom look more dashing. In case the groom has pout lips, then it is better not to apply lipstick as it will look very evident that you have put on makeup. In such cases, opt for a slightly tinted lip balm that makes the lips look naturally good.

Contouring For The Photogenic Look

Contouring is done mainly to highlight the nose and cheekbones of the face. This makes the groom look more photogenic and help the groom to strike a great pose with the gorgeous bride. But never mistake contouring with applying blush. Men should never apply blush as it gives way too much feminine look and reduces the masculine looks.

Stylish And Suave Looks With Groom Makeup For Wedding

The Indian groom should have a minimal makeup look that covers up all his flaws and brings out all his best features. He should not look all decked up like a bride but should look effortlessly dashing and perfect. Maintaining this perfect balance can be a bit of work and can be only achieved by professional makeup artists.

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