Here’s A Guide To Groom Wedding Makeup

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‘Wedding makeup for grooms’- many of you would be rolling your eyes reading this! Do men really need this? Yes, of course. Why not for the groom? He is equally important as the bride on the wedding day. This does not mean that grooms should present themselves with a face which looks cakey with makeup! That won’t look good obviously. “Groom makeover should be done with real care and precision”- says an expert in best groom makeup Chennai.

The trick lies in the subtleness and perfection. The purpose of wedding makeover is to enhance your features, minimize the flaws in your appearance and to make you photo-ready. It is common for male models, actors, etc. to get makeup done before photo and video shoots. So, there is nothing wrong in going for it on your wedding day to bring out your best look. The success of groom makeup lies in doing the makeup so perfectly so that it is undetectable.

Tips For Pre-Wedding And Wedding Makeup For Groom

How to groom yourself to look good on your wedding day? Here are some tips.

Pre-wedding grooming

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Manicure and pedicure– Your hands would be noticed greatly on your wedding day. You have to expect close-up photos of the wedding rings, and a rough hand with uncut cuticles won’t look good. So, treat your hands with a good manicure, get the nails neatly trimmed and clean. Your legs would not be noticed as much as your hands on your wedding day, simply because they would be covered most of the time by your shoes. But if you have religious ceremonies involved, you would have to remove your footwear; so a pedicure to make your legs smooth and neat would also be a good idea.

Facial– A good facial removes the dead skin and softens the skin on your face. So, try to get a facial done a few days before the wedding date.

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Haircut– If you are planning a new hairstyle, do it a few weeks before the wedding. If you are keeping your usual style, get your hair trimmed and neatly kept. Do not wait till the wedding eve to get the hair trimming done.

Wedding day tips

Keep your wedding costumes and accessories ready so that you do not have to panic the last minute. Get the right amount of makeup done. A full-fledged makeup would not be necessary in the case of grooms. Concealing spots, correcting the colour, and a very light application of powder would be enough in most cases. Groom wedding makeover requires expertise, and so it would be best to hire a talented professional for the same.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Makeup Artist?

Groom wedding makeup can go wrong easily if not done rightly. So, it is essential to get it done by a talented and experienced professional makeup artist. In cities like Bangalore, Chennai, etc. there are plenty of talented professionals offering reasonable wedding makeover packages. So, hiring a wedding makeup artist in Chennai or any other city is not a big deal Take some time during your wedding preparation to explore the various options you have around you. Seek opinion from your friends and family. Make use of the internet and study the reviews. Try to meet the makeup artists in person and discuss your requirements with them. Choose the one who is talented and makes you feel comfortable!

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