Tips To Choose The Right Wedding Hairstyles For Groom!

Your look on your wedding day depends greatly on the hairstyle you choose. “The shape of your face and the type of your hair are important factors to be considered while choosing a hairstyle”- says an expert in groom wedding hairstyle in Chennai. How to choose the hairstyle which suits your face in the best way? Let’s see!

First of all, you have to study the shape of your face. The most common shapes are Square, Oval, Round, Oblong and Heart. Analyse your face’s shape and determine under which category it falls. The following are hair styling tips for different face shapes.

wedding hairstyles for groom by skulpt professional makeup artistSquare shaped face

Square face with a strong jawline is considered to be a truly masculine face. Hair with softer edges around the hairline would look good for a square shaped face. You can make your face appear longer by getting the hair cut in different layers. Styles which require parting your hair in the centre would not be very suitable for you. Hair falling on forehead also would not be a good style for square shaped faces.

Oval shaped face

Having an oval shaped face makes things much easier because oval shape allows almost all type of hairstyles. However, avoid long fringes which cover your forehead because this would make your face appear round.

Round shaped face

A round face would not have eye-catching lines or angles, and hence the hairstyle for such a face has to be chosen carefully. A style which makes the face look a bit longer would be good. Avoid fringes and having so much length of hair in the front. Making use of spikes or making the hair appear voluminous would help in preventing the face look too round.

wedding groom hairstyles by wedding makeup artist Oblong shaped face

Oblong shape is similar to oval but with a little more length. Hence the styles which suit an oval face generally suits an oblong face also. The aim should be to add volume on the sides so that the face appears less long. Fringes would look good for oblong faces. Do not keep the sides of your hair too short.

Heart shaped face

A heart-shaped face would be wider at the hairline or the cheek area and narrows down towards the chin. So hairstyles of heart-shaped faces should be chosen in such a way that it adds volume to the lower part of the face. So avoid hairstyles which highlight the upper part of your face and instead, choose the long ones which emphasises the lower portion.

Why You Must Choose The Best Wedding Makeup Artist?

Figuring out a hairstyle which matches you the best is something which you can do by taking suggestions from the internet, by trying trial methods on photos, etc. Implementing the new hairstyle is not easy for you to do alone, especially if it involves a haircut. So if you want your hairstyle to be perfect, it is wise to take the assistance of a professional hairstylist. Usually reputed wedding makeup artists like the best wedding makeup in Chennai offer a complete package involving hairstyling, face makeup, etc. So, choose a skilled and experienced professional and forget the many worries about your wedding look.

Be The Real Hero In The Best Wedding Hairstyle!

Once you have spent considerable time in figuring out the most suitable hairstyle for your face and you have a talented makeup artist by your side to take care of your wedding hairstyle, then you need not worry at all! Everyone’s eyes are going to be on you and be ready to be the star!

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