A Few Tips To Choose The Right Groom Wedding Hairstylist On Your Special Day

You spend a lot of time planning for the wedding. Your appearance on the wedding day is very important as you – the groom would be the focus of a lot of attraction. Your hairstyle can make or break your look. So, why not spend some ‘hair time’ before your wedding day? You need time to prepare your hair as well as to select the right hairstylist. In some cities, for example, the professionals involved in groom makeup Chennai, include hairstyling as a part of their wedding makeover. So, things are easier for you if you choose such artists.

You may not need a professional hair stylist if you are not planning to try something new, especially with long hair on your wedding day. Your regular barber would be enough for your usual hairstyle. So, you have to make a decision first before going ahead. If you are planning to keep your usual style, then just ensure that your hair is neatly trimmed and kept well. Get the haircut done at least a few days before your big day. Just get a touch up done on the wedding day if required; just a slight trimming around your ears and the neck and nothing more!

Hair Care And Hair Styling Suggestions By A Groom Wedding Makeup Artist

Whether trying out a new hairstyle or not, your hair has to be healthy to give you an attractive look on your wedding day. How to take the right care of your hair? Follow the advice given by the best wedding makeup artist in Chennai who is also an experienced hair stylist!

Groom wedding hairstyles by professional makeup artistChoose the hair products wisely

Products you use for hair care, and hair styling should be chosen with much care. Nowadays, a lot of brands are into this industry, and hence there is no scarcity for such products. But do not choose something randomly and apply it on your hair. Many products are stuffed with chemicals which do more harm to your hair than good. So, try to use the ones with fewer chemicals. If a particular oil, shampoo or conditioner gives you good results, try to stick to them rather than changing the brands frequently.

Know how to apply the products rightly

Applying the products rightly is equally important as choosing the right ones. Each product would have its own specific set of instructions for application; follow them rightly for good results.

Hair treatment for men at Skulpt Makeup BarHow frequently should you wash your hair?

This is a very common concern of many. There is no direct answer to this as the frequency should be decided based on your hair type, the type of water available in your locality, etc. Certain hair types required to be washed daily to stay right while some others do not require the same.Washing hair very frequently in hard water is not good; so if the water you are using is hard water, then it would be good to limit the frequency of head wash to once in two days or so.

A few dashing hairstyles

Casual and short– Well trimmed, casual looking hair works for almost all men. The simplicity adds to its charm.

Ruffled and smoothened– This hairstyle works best for curly hair. Trim it down a bit leaving it thick at the top. A bit of gel can be used to smoothen the hair and give the finished look.

Side-swept– If you have thick hair and you want to show it off, this is the best style for you! Make sure your hair is conditioned properly. A blow dryer may be required to make this style look perfect.

Combed-back– This is a formal style which has its own elegance. This hairstyle do not require much effort.

Make A Fashion Statement On Your Wedding Day With The Best Wedding Hairstyle

There is no other day which gives you so much attention than your wedding day. So, every effort of yours is worth it! The result would undoubtedly show in the photographs as well. So, flash in style on your wedding day with the perfect hairstyle!


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