Stunning Hairstyle For Men To Flatter Your Facial Features

Fashion icons often change their hairstyles to stay in vogue with the current trends. What else could add glitz to your personality than a complementing hairstyle? It makes you feel as if you are born anew. Hairstyles are chosen based on your facial features and whether you can carry it off. This is true for brides and grooms. Wedding makeup in Chennai focuses on the facial features and the outfit to pick a hairstyle for the couple.

Facial Types And Groom Wedding Hairstyles

Groom Hairstyles for Wedding by Professional Makeup Artist Chennai

  • There are many choices available for oval face. Keep your hair length even without any layers or volume. Oval faces can try out wispy bangs. It is the most versatile shape and can fit almost any style but ensure you highlight your best feature.
  • Round face is the toughest to flatter. But there are certain choices that makes them feel at ease and confident. The best option would be to reduce the fullness of the face. Layers can help cover up most of the roundness. Another option would be to keep the hair off your face to expose your cheekbones and eyes. A cut that lands below the chin or tapered ends could be flattering.
  • Square face can be pampered with short, straight bangs. The cut need not be too short. Length at the sides and the back can add volume to the layers. Curly ends are advised. Trendy spiky cut is suitable for square face.
  • If you have heart shaped face leave your hair below the jaw line. Do not opt for short or layers. Bangs on one side can take the focus away from the chin.
  • Have a long face, no worries; complement it with bangs till the tip of the eyebrows. Layering and curls are best without much of volume to make your face look shorten.

Groom Lifestyle and hairstyle

Groom Wedding Makeup & Hairstyles by Skulpt Makeup Artist

Lifestyle also matters while choosing a hairstyle. Decide on a hairstyle based on whether you live in formal situations or casual ones. While preparing for wedding or any special function, a formal look is suggestive. Groom wedding hairstylist in Chennai offer expert advice to make you look like a ravishing model on your wedding day. When you are dress to flatter like for a party or outing with friends informal style is recommended. Your personal stylist is the best source to decide on the right hairstyle for you. If you are not in tune with their suggestions, there is no obligation; you are at free will to try your own hairstyle you feel comfortable in. The internet is rife with options that leave you with endless options based on your lifestyle preference and facial features.

Do not hesitate to try out new hairstyle. It is your personal decision and there is no hard and fast rule. Even if you make a bad choice, there is always a change you can grow it back. Once you have finalized on a hairstyle ensure you communicate it to your stylist in the right way. If you have images or videos, play it to your stylist so that there is no misinterpretation. A little care can leave you with a flatter hairstyle.

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