What Is A Perfect Groom Wedding Hairstyle? Read This!

Bride’s look has been given great importance in weddings since time immemorial. Bride’s friends and family would start hovering around her days before the wedding with beauty and makeup tips to look gorgeous on her special day. The grooms wedding makeover was not a hot topic till the recent past. But nowadays, men are also increasingly careful of their appearance that they also take wedding makeovers seriously. Choosing the wedding hairstyles for groom is vital when it comes to groom wedding makeover. A bad hairstyle can spoil the entire look; so how to keep your hair perfect? Read on!

groom wedding hairstyle by skulpt makeup artistWhat is your hair type and texture?

Before deciding what types of products to use on your hair, you must know about the type and texture of your hair. The texture of men’s hair is usually straight, curly or wavy. The type can be dry, oily or normal. You can determine this from the look and feel of your hair. Once you know the type, use only those products which suit your hair type.

Take proper care of your hair!

Start following a regular routine of hair washing and shampooing months before the wedding. The proper way to shampoo your hair is to wet it completely and applying a few drops of shampoo. Lather it and rinse it till it is washed off fully. Hot showers are not recommended as hot water would make your hair very dry. Do not comb wet hair soon after a bath. Let it dry before using a comb.

Regular trimming of hair is a must for healthy hair growth. Drink plenty of water every day and keep your hair hydrated. This would give a natural shine to your hair.

Choose a style which makes you happy!
groom hairstyles by skulpt wedding makeup artistAccording to the leading wedding makeup artist in Chennai, the wedding day is not the time to try out an entirely new hairstyle for the groom. If the groom is happy and confident with it, then it is fine. Otherwise, it would be wise to stick to his usual style with perfection and neatness.

Do not go for a haircut on your wedding eve. If you need one, get it done at least a week before. A buzz cut would give a distinct look for those with short hair. A bit of hair gel would give a neat look to your hair.  Long and curly hair just needs to be brushed up and kept neat. Use hair spray if required to hold the hair together for the perfect volume and an elegant look.

Role Of A Wedding Makeup Artist In Styling Your Hair

wedding hairstyles for groom by professional makeup artistA professional makeup artist would often offer a complete package including your face makeover and hair styling. A talented and experienced makeup artist would know which style would match your face the best. Most of them would be open to your suggestions. They would ensure that your hair is perfect and well-groomed.

You Deserve The Best Wedding Hairstyle!

You have been waiting so long for this special day of yours. You should be in your ever best look. So, do not make a wrong choice when it comes to wedding hairstylist! He/she must be competent and the best in the field. It’s your big day and you deserve the best! Do not compromise!

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