Awesome Groom Wedding Hairstyles

Every groom desires to look dapper and handsome on the day of the wedding to accompany his lovely bride on their wedding day. Hair styles play a crucial role in making every groom look well-groomed and attractive. However, you need to take note of a few key elements and hair care to ensure that you look suave on that particular day. Grooming experts and professional artist offering wedding makeup in Chennai agree that grooming is an important part in making the groom look dashing on the day of the wedding. Experts recommend starting a proper care regime days before the actual event to make sure that your hair is thick and healthy looking. A clean diet is also essential to maintain healthy hair.

Hairstyling Ideas By The Top Wedding Makeup Artists In The Industry

Gone are the days when the groom was given either a side parting or a comb over as hairstyle options for special occasions. These days, the masculine man is proud to sport any one of the outstanding styles mentioned below:

The Slick Hairstyle

If you are a fan of James Bond movies, you would probably like to sport the sleek hairstyle that will have you looking suave in no time. According to the experts who offer Wedding hairstyles for Grooms in Chennai, the sleek hairstyle seems to be popular among grooms who are having a formal western themed wedding.

Wedding Hairstyles for Groom in chennai by Skulpt Makeup ArtistsSpiky Hairstyle

This particular hairstyle has caught the fancy of many grooms in the recent years. This also adds height to the groom, making him appear taller and create a more attractive appearance.

Tapered Hairstyle With  A Side Burn

If you prefer to add a bit of dazzle as you adorn a western outfit for your special day, this hairstyle will add the right panache to your look.

Highlights Or Streaks

If you are bored of your regular hair colour, you can add a dash of colour to make your hairstyle stand out. The usual colours chosen tend to be shades of brown that goes well with black. But if you are daring enough, you can try out ombre shades which seem to be the current trend. Your lovely bride will definitely appreciate the effort that you take to brush up your look for the special day.

Groom Wedding Hairstyles at Skulpt Makeup BarBoy Next Door Look

The clean cut is the no fuss hairstyle for grooms who would rather not spend too much time getting ready. This is an easy to maintain hairstyle and perfect for grooms who like to run a comb through their hair and move on to the next task at hand.  A dash of product on the day of the main event will have you look like the perfect prince out of a fairy tale.

Unconventional Hairstyle

If you like to experiment with your hairstyle, the undercut will work out perfectly for you. This particular hairstyle involves longer hair on the top of the head with shaved sides. The hair is styled using products to add height. Paired with a well-groomed beard, you will be the best looking man at the event.

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