Is Groom Wedding Makeup Important

In every Indian wedding, it is common for the bride to dress up and look her best on the wedding day. She would start the preparations even months before! But what about the groom? He would have definitely bought a shining sherwani or a brand new suit for the reception; but is that enough? What about the grooming and makeup? A wedding makeover is a must for grooms also! It’s your day, and it’s not just the bride; you would be equally noticed by your guests. So it’s your duty to present yourself at your best!
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The grooming should start well ahead of the marriage date. Your body, your hair and even your nails should be well kept. If you are planning a new haircut, then try it out a week before the wedding. If you wait until the wedding eve to get it done and if something goes wrong or you do not like the new style, then you have no other go! You have to be confident with your wedding day and such last minute changes in hair style may affect you negatively. Getting your face cleaned up and a manicure done would be good.

Pre Groom Makeup- A Few Tips!

As already said, haircut, manicure etc., facial, etc. have to be done a few days before the wedding.Makeup which is so glaring on your face is a strict NO. It should be done so carefully that it hides your flaws and accentuates your good features. There are professionals who do excellent groom makeup in chennai. The following are a few basic tips for groom makeover.

A good concealer would help you

A concealer is an excellent way to hide the flaws on your face if any.Choose a concealer shade that matches well with your complexion. Concealer can be used to cover up dark circles, spots, etc.
Makeup artist applying facial to a groom for his wedding ceremony

Face contouring

Contouring is a technique used to highlight your nose and cheek bones. If rightly done, this would make you look stunning in your wedding photos. Contouring can be done perfectly only by a beauty expert.

Focus on your features

Every face would have its own unique features. A good makeup is one which concentrates on your special features. Please note that the makeup for men should never include applying blush on cheeks. It is a product which gives a very feminine look and must not be applied to men.

Everything listed here and any additional makeup should be done in the most minimal way so that it is not very visible.

Don’t Ignore The Groom Makeup Session!

Some of you may feel that makeup may affect your masculinity negatively; that’s not true! The success of your makeover lies in whom you choose to do the job. A talented and experienced professional would know how to do it right without losing subtlety. So, if you wish to look your best on your wedding day and in your wedding pics, never ignore the makeover session!


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