The Different Aspects Of Groom Wedding Makeup

Weddings usually centre on the bride all over the world. However, the times are changing. The groom is also required to look dapper and handsome to accompany his beautiful bride on the centre stage. These days, it has become mandatory for the groom as well to check into a nearby spa or salon to undergo a complete makeover before the big day. According to the salons that offer the best groom makeup Chennai, it is best to oil your air at least thrice a week to add a softer look to your hairstyle.

Tips For Pre Wedding Groom Makeup

The first step for every groom is to have perfect skin to look handsome ton D-day. Most males tend to stick to a simple face wash for their skin care routine. However, you might need to consider extending your skincare routine a bit more to look your very best on your wedding day. Interestingly, wedding makeup artists in Chennai schedule advance appointments for the grooms to make sure they look their very best for the wedding. Here is a simple method that you can start with as soon as possible:

Groom Makeup for Wedding

  • Increase the number of times you wash your face to twice a day.
  • If you have dry skin, remember to use a moisturiser after you shave.
  • Do not forget to use a face scrub once a week to clear all the dirt and grime from your pores. In case you are prone to blackheads, a weekly scrub can help reduce the number of blackheads popping up.
  • Schedule a salon visit the day before your wedding. The experts will have you looking replenished and glowing for your special day.

Hair also plays a major role in creating the handsome image for every groom. You can start early by treating your hair with regular hair conditioning and hair spas. In case you are planning on getting a haircut before the big day, schedule it at least a week before so that the new haircut will settle in naturally.   If you are planning on using a gel for the big day, ensure that you are in a cold environment, as gel and sweat do not go well with each other.

Manicures & Pedicures For The Groom

Groom Wedding Makeup at Skulpt Makeup BarGone are the days when the bride used to be pampered with manicures and pedicures before the special day. Nowadays grooms are no longer shy about getting manicures and pedicures to get that well-groomed look. A well done manicure will help you have a firm handshake with the hundreds of guests you will be meeting on the day of your wedding. So check into the nearest salon for a manicure and pedicure session and relax while the experts take good care of your hands and feet.

If you are worried about looking too dolled up for the wedding, you needn’t fear. Groom makeup is done at a minimal level, and more importance is given to making you look natural and blemish free. With most salons offering tailor made services for their customers, it isn’t complicated for a groom to find services that suit their needs.