The wedding day is the most special day in the lives of both bride and groom. But traditionally it has always been the bride who has been more of a centre of attention between the two, with lots of detailing going into planning her outfits and make up. On the other hand, the grooms do not have any great demand on themselves. Though they are expected to look good, but grooms traditionally never went out of their ways to “groom” themselves for the special day. Things are changing now and so the grooms and especially metrosexual men, do not spare any effort to look, smell and feel great on their wedding.

Groom Wedding Makeup Artist – How You Can Help Yourself

Whether or not you hire Wedding makeup Chennai needs to be put under the scanner. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind while gearing up for your D-day.

Groom Wedding makeup by Skulpt Makeup Artist Chennai

  • Hair: Do not be experimental here, do not try any hair style for your wedding that you have not tried before. Go for hair styling a few days in advance and plan a regimen that takes care of hair. Hot oils treatments, right shampooing and conditioning; all these will go a long way in making your hair look great on the wedding day.
  • Skin: Also develop and follow a skin regimen days before your wedding. See a dermatologist if you are suffering from any skin ailment including acne and blemishes. Visit a spa and pamper yourself; you will love the indulgence. In case you sport a beard or a moustache, style it right and do everything that helps in making it look great. Spend some time in delving about your skin type and finding the right skin products for you.
  • General appearance: Be it grooming your finger nails, or choosing the right perfume, do ponder and execute every such aspect a little in advance. It goes without saying that you have to smell great on your wedding day and a little splurging on a high end deodorant or perfume should not hurt you!
  • Mouth: On a day when you will have to smile endlessly, especially for the photo sessions, your teeth should look impeccable. Visit a dentist and get your teeth whitened, if need be.

Groom Makeup – Minimal Yet Very Important

If you follow the above mentioned steps, you will not be stressed out on the wedding day, since majority of the issues would have already been taken care off. As far as make up goes a little touch up by way of a facial powder should keep your skin oil free for hours, a factor so very important under the glare of lights. Best Groom Makeup Chennai is only a tiny fraction of bridal makeup, yet this is increasingly becoming important to strike a balance between the look of the groom and bride.

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