Consult A Groom Makeup Artist For Skincare Advices

The makeup of the groom is also equally important just like that of the bride. Afterall, when the bride is looking all ravishing and decked up in exquisite dress, makeup and hairstyles how could the dashing groom be left behind? Hence, nowadays makeup and skin care are no more just girlie stuff. Men too consider skin care seriously and would take all efforts to look suave and charming on their special day.

groom wedding makeup by skulpt makeup artists

Groom makeup in Chennai is now a growing necessity, and more and more grooms are taking the advice of experts to look their best on the D-day. Male grooming doesn’t need too many elaborate procedures like makeup for a bride. There is no need for any blush, eyeshadows or fake eyelashes. But the groom needs subtle makeup that hides away his flaws and highlights his attractive features. These include moisturising the skin to keep it healthy and glowing, removing the redness on the skin, removing dark circles under the eyes, concealing the zits on the face, applying airbrush makeup for a natural, flawless chiselled look and grooming up the facial hairs.

Give Attention To The Pre Wedding Groom Makeup For The Perfect Looks

There are many points to take care during the time before the wedding. Among these, skin care is one of the most important points. The first thing to do is to find a wedding makeup artist in Chennai and consult them for skin care tips or treatments. Here are some skin care tips for the Indian groom:

pre-groom skin care treatment at skulpt makeup bar chennaiDiscover The Type Of Your Skin

Everyone has different types of skin. Hence, it is very important that you find out what type of skin you have. Some have dry and rough skin. Some have oily and sticky skin, and some are blessed to have normal good skin. A good makeup artist or dermatologist can help you determine your skin type. Some people have combination skin type. Such people have oily skin just in the T zone of the face. Distinguishing the skin type helps to decide the further skin care to be taken.

Routine Skin Care

After determining the type of skin, you could start a routine skin care regimen to maintain healthy and glowing skin. The main routine skin care treatments are cleansing the skin, toning it and then moisturising it up. In case you have oily skin, you will have to apply some astringent to close all the skin pores. This should be done regularly at least three times a week. In case you have dry skin, apply moisturisers on the skin on a daily basis. This helps to keep the skin supple, soft and healthy. If you are someone who works outdoors more, then a good sunscreen with a high SPF value is a must. Also, remember to wash the face minimum two times in a day if you always work outside in the sun.

Groom Skincare Before Weddings Makes The Groom Look Dashing

Caring skin before at least one or two months before the wedding does wonders on the skin. The skin becomes healthier and younger. It makes you glow, and the bride is sure to blush just at the sight of her handsome man. Eating healthy food is also important to maintain a healthy skin. Oily foods tend to make the system clogged. Fresh vegetables and fruits help to keep the skin young and supple.

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