Celebrity Wedding Makeup – Trends That Never Go Out Of Fashion

Brides deserve the best from the world of fashion and makeup. Celebrity makeup artists go all the way sport a different look on your special day. Creating custom glam bridal makeup is an art that is best mastered by celebrity wedding makeup artists. Some of the valuable tips that can enhance the bridal appeal are listed below for every bride to have a glance.

Celebrity Bridal Makeup Artist Recommendation For The Bride

Skulpt Makeup Artist applying bridal makeup to a celebrity

You never know when you will be exposed to emotional situations. It is best to sport waterproof mascara and eyeliners to build your bridal kit. However most of them do not use these in real life situations but its value is growing multifold to match the modern lifestyle and work culture. For hot climatic conditions like in Chennai, primers are essential to hold your foundation in place. Wedding makeup Chennai ensures the makeup does not run away due to the extreme summer heat. Use fine layer of makeup, cream foundation and then apply powder so that its stays put for longer duration.

Preparing the skin for makeup

The best skin tone glow naturally and makeup will only add glory to your toned complexion. The bride should take time off to keep her skin in best condition. Oxygen facial just a few days before the wedding and a light moisturizing mask on the day of the wedding can help hydrate the skin. Incase you are opting for heavy makeup choose a dense moisturizing mask the previous night. Also remember using too much of moisturizer could dampen the skin too much. The perimeter of the face has to be kept clean so the primer sticks perfectly well. The center of the face matter for bridal makeup, to this add radiance and light luminosity on high facial bones.

Celebrity Wedding Makeup – The Importance Of Contouring

Celebrity Bridal Makeup by Skulpt wedding makeup artist

There are two versions of contouring, C and K. The K version has got lot of attention and backlash as well. This is due to the excessive makeup K version requires. Gentle contouring is always preferred as it is natural. When there is an overload it could feel heavy and suffocating at times. During your special day this is the last thing you want to happen. Gentle contouring needs colours that are close to the skin tone of the bride. Choose colour kit that has a nice and soft collection. Use it after the foundation and it starts blending naturally. It helps to create some dimension. Contouring has to be applied everywhere. Using general contouring tips can make everyone feel alike, ensure your features are highlighted.

For the makeup averts

This is for brides who do not want makeup, Remember that it is advised to grab some basic makeup to look good on your wedding album. That extra polish is need for the cameras. But for sure you do not want to become a stranger. You do not like makeup, well there is no need to go over the top with your makeup, but of course a little makeup does not hurt. The skin tone has to look even and the center of the skin should not be shiny. Grab some colour for your cheeks and let your eyes look big and wide open.

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