It is a no-brainer to state that celebrity don makeup best. They sport the latest trends; rather they are the ones who set the trends. The brands that they endorse become the most sought after brands and the celebrities inspire every girl who wants to look her best, especially on special occasions.

Celebrity Wedding Makeup Artist – You Can Learn The Tricks

Weddings are one occasion that sees a surge in demand for celebrity wedding bridal makeup in Chennai. Whether for the bride or for any guest, the endeavor is to wear impeccable makeup so that the lady is the cynosure of all eyes. Though it is a wedding makeup artist Chennai that will help you with professional makeup, but just in case you are not able to find a good one, you can try the following steps to do up your eyes, hair, skin et al; your makeup will looks as good as done by a professional.

Bridal Makeup for celebrities at Skulpt Makeup Bar Chennai

  • Airbrushed skin: The airbrushed look is the best look that you can get for your skin. But before putting the makeup, you should pamper your skin with a good exfoliating scrub, a great primer and finally a light reflecting foundation. All these three tools will go a long way in a giving your skin an even, airbrushed and a luminous glow.
  • Easy to do hair styles: Do not go for complicated hair styles when doing them yourself. Keep them simple yet elegant. Before you start doing up your hair, apply a voluminous mousse generously; put on the curlers and then go for blow drying. Remove the curlers once they have completely cooled down and the brush your hair, very-very lightly.
  • Line your eyes perfectly: The eye liner not only makes all the difference to your eyes but to your over all look as well. Putting on an eye liner style that starts with a thin line across the eye lid, eventually broadening towards the corner and ending in a flick adds on loads of drama to your eyes. Do not forget to use the concealer onto the eye lids before putting on the liner.

Celebrity Bridal Makeup – Get Going Yourself

Celebrity Bridal Makeup by Skulpt Wedding Makeup ArtistIf you are doing the bridal makeup yourself, the first step will begin with collecting all the requisite makeup items and tools. Other than the right brushes, it is also important to get the makeup items in the right colour and tones. First being the foundation here; ensure the foundation is a moisturizing one that does not leave a patchy effect on your skin. Go for a tinted foundation if you want that subtle shimmer.

Before you go on to apply makeup, make sure you treat your skin well. Begin with an exfoliating scrub, put on a de-puffing serum on your eyes, followed by an eye cream. Follow up with moisturizer next for your entire face and neck, and finally proceed with your makeup.

If you stay in Chennai Google search with wedding bridal makeup in Chennai or wedding makeup artist to find the best bridal makeup artist in your vicinity.

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