A Few Valuable Tips To Get The Best Christian Bridal Makeup Done

Finally, your special day is approaching, and you have already started dreaming yourself in your pretty wedding gown. Your wedding day is the best opportunity to present yourself in the best way. If not on your wedding day, then when?Your makeup has to be done wisely especially if you are wearing a white gown or saree which is the signature wear of Christian brides. According to the leading wedding makeup artist in Chennai, wrong makeup would take away the beauty of your dress and accessories.

Here are a few points which should not be overlooked in your wedding makeup.
smiling bride with wedding veil holding bouquet on her wedding ceremony

Cleansing and moisturising is mandatory

Cleaning your face properly is a must before applying makeup. Apply a moisturiser which matches with your skin type. Give some time for the moisturiser to get absorbed into the skin.

Choose the colours wisely

Your wedding day is not the time to try out innovations. It is best to go with simple and neutral shades which match your face and style perfectly.

Makeup should be waterproof

The wedding is the day where you have to expect a few emotional scenes. You would not want it, but you may not be able to escape the tears which would fall out when you hug your mom goodbye. So, be prepared with waterproof makeup if you don’t want your makeup to be washed out.

Watch out the weather

Even if you are not an emotional person and there is no chance for tears to be the villain, you have to watch out the weather. If it is hot and humid summer, you have to expect sweating a lot. Similarly, there are things to be taken care of about makeup in winter and other seasons too.

Hire an expert

You may be an expert in makeup yourself. But you won’t be able to do it on yourself especially with those shivering hands on your special day.Why take an unnecessary risk by giving a relative or friend a chance to try their makeup attempts on your face? So, hire an expert professional.

How to select the right wedding makeup artist?

Christian bridal makeup by wedding makeup artist in chennai

The professional you hire should be talented and experienced. A wrong choice would spoil not just your wedding day, but you would hate yourselves for the choice whenever you look at your wedding pictures or videos.So it is wise to do proper homework well ahead of the day.There are professionals who are experienced in bridal makeup. Check with your friends and relatives, make use of the internet, explore your options, check photographs of their previous works, study the reviews and make the final decision.

Be the dream bride with the perfect bridal makeup!

Once, you have chosen the right professional; you are safe in their hands. Just trust them and sit back relaxed on a chair.You need not worry about anything else; an expert would bring out your best look, and all you have to do is to put on your most vibrant smile!

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