Turn Into A Gorgeous Indian Bride With The Help Of Bridal Makeup Services

Every bride wishes to look stunning on the day of their wedding. If you plan on being the center of attention on your special day, you need to use the power of makeup to add a virginal glow and radiance to your face. Makeup has the power to turn you into an ethereal beauty according to the experts in wedding makeup Chennai. However, there are certain guidelines to be followed to ensure that you do not look too dolled up.

Tips From Top Bridal Makeup Artists

Bridal Makeup by Skulpt Wedding Makeup ArtistCleanse Your Face To Ensure That Makeup Lasts Long

Indian weddings are famous for that length. If you want to look fabulous until the end of the day, cleanse your face well so that you have long lasting makeup.  Pat dry your face after the cleansing to remove any traces dirt or oil from your face.

Moisturise For The Perfect look

Bridal Makeup in Chennai looks the best when you manage to create an even skin tone. You can achieve this by moisturising your face with your fingertips. Remember to gently rub your skin in a circular motion to get the best result.

Concealer Tips

If you have any blemishes or marks on your skin, you can achieve a smooth look by applying a concealer. A concealer comes in handy for most brides to help cover up any patches or marks that they might have on their skin.

Match The Lip liner And The Lipstick Shade

Many brides make the mistake of assuming that a darker shade of lip liner will go along fine with lighter lipstick shade. However, they forget the fact that the lights at the wedding venue will be on the brighter side and it could look obvious.

Bridal Makeup by Professional Wedding Makeup Artist ChennaiHighlighter Tips

The highlighter has become quite popular these days. Applying it in minimal amounts in the right places will brighten up your look and have you glowing on your special day.

Art Of Contouring

Contouring can change anyone into a fantastic bride in no time at all. Contouring plays with shadows and can change your features to look more desirable if required. The top experts in wedding makeup in Chennai recommend trying out a contoured look a few days before the wedding, to find the best way to highlight your best features and make changes to the ones you do not like.

A Bit Of Eye Drama

You can add mystique to your look by playing up your eye with beautifully done eye makeup. While using eyeshadows, choose at least two to three shades, to add depth to the look. Some mascara and long-lasting eye liner, and your fiancé will have trouble keeping his eyes away from you!

Protect Your Skin

Everyone needs to wear sunscreen when they go out, to protect their delicate skin from the harmless rays of the sun. Expert recommends brides to be very liberal with their sunscreen to ensure that their skin remains unblemished on the D-Day. Since the Indian skin is more prone to tanning, it is advised to use sunscreen every three to four hours.

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