Importance Of Christian Bridal Makeup In Kerala Weddings

Christian brides are usually very particular about their wedding costumes and accessories. Most of them stick to the traditional white dress during the wedding ceremony. They would usually wear a white saree or gown while taking the wedding vows. Hence the makeup of the Christian brides has to be done with extreme care so that it goes well with their attire.

christian wedding makeup artist in chennai

According to the expert bridal makeup artist in Chennai, the bridal makeup of Christian brides follows a somewhat similar pattern throughout the country. In Kerala, Tamil Nadu or Karnataka, talented makeup artists try certain unique things to stand apart from the rest. Such trends gain popularity very soon, and hence it is common for the makeup artists to adopt styles from the neighbouring states.

When it comes to the customs related to the marriage, there may be slight variations throughout India. The basic wedding rites in Kerala include the priest blessing the wedding rings, the crowning of the bride, groom tying the blessed pendant around the bride’s neck (‘minnu kettu’) and covering the bride with the wedding saree (known as ‘manthrakodi’ in Kerala).

Keralites give a lot of importance to the way in which they present themselves before others.  The wedding is a very special day in one’s life, and so it is obvious that both the bride and the groom would love to be in their best look. Moreover, most of the couples from Kerala plan their wedding photo shoot so professionally that they cannot risk with their looks. So, the bridal makeup expertise is something which has real significance in Kerala weddings.

Steps To Choose The Best Wedding Makeup Artist

Christian bridal makeup artist

  •         Check with your friends and family members who got married recently.
  •         Search the internet and analyse the services offered by different makeup artists.
  •         Study the trends in wedding makeup in Chennai or other cities if you would like to try something slightly different.
  •         Check the reviews and make a shortlist.
  •         Try to meet the makeup artists in person and talk to them about your requirements.
  •         Discuss the rates
  •         If you are happy with someone, then book him/her and confirm his/her availability on the required date and time

Once you have assigned the makeup task to the right artist, then you need not worry about your wedding look. An expert wedding makeup artist would know how to present you in your best appearance.

Try Bridal Airbrush Makeup which is popular in Chennai!

Airbrush makeup technique is a new trend which has gained so much popularity in Chennai recently. The technique makes use of a compressed air to apply makeup instead of the traditional brush application method. Perfection and smooth finish are the highlights of this method. This is the perfect method to give the dewy look which matches exactly with the attire of a Christian bride.  A subtle and natural effect is another advantage of airbrush technique. So, if you do not want your wedding makeup to give you an artificial look, you can try this out!

Wedding makeup is important as it would decide your appearance on your special day as well as the wedding pictures and videos which are your fond memories forever. So, make sure you do it right!

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