Here’s Why Hiring A Good Bridal Makeup Artist Is Crucial In South Indian Weddings!

beautiful woman in traditional saree with bridal makeup by makeup artist chennai
South Indian bridal makeup is not an easy affair. It requires a lot of patience and effort to bring out your best look. The south Indian bridal makeup differs based on the state- Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh or Karnataka. Moreover, within a state, there would be variations based on the region or religion. “A Tamil Brahmin bride would look entirely different compared to a Malayali Christian bride”- says an expert bridal makeup artist in Chennai.

The bridal makeup adopts variations based on the wedding ceremony also. The engagement or pre-wedding ceremony make up may not be the same as the makeup for the main wedding ceremony. The reception makeup is usually completely different from that for the religious ceremonies. In short, the whole task requires real skill and discipline offered by a professional. Whichever state and religion you are from, the final result of your wedding makeup depends greatly on the makeup artist whom you have hired.

How To Do The Best Bridal Makeup

Here are some guidelines on how to do bridal makeup rightly.
wedding makeup for south indian brides by makeup artist in chennai

Cleansing, toning and moisturising

These steps are must before any makeup. Your skin should be made clean, and the dead cells should be removed. These things must be done regularly and not just on your wedding day.


Primer keeps your makeup unblemished throughout the day. It is excellent to hide your creases and acne if any on your skin.


Applying a concealer is the best way to hide dark circles, scars, spots, etc. on your face. Apply it on the required area and spread evenly using fingers. Make sure that it is applied evenly.


It is the foundation cream that makes your face ready like a blank canvas for makeup. Foundation cream should blend well with your skin. So choose it rightly!

Fixing Powder

Fixing powder enables your makeup to resist sweat and tears. It is a south Indian wedding and you have to expect both! Summers in Chennai are very hot and hence wedding makeup in Chennai must be done keeping in mind the humidity and sweating.

bridal makeup by skulpt wedding makeup artistEye Makeup

Choose the eye shadow colour wisely so that it goes well with your overall look and style. Use eyeliner and mascara to beautify your eyes.


Contouring technique can be tried if you would like to highlight your features. Contouring gives your face a slimmer appearance.


Give your cheek a lovely blush using pink or other similar colours of your choice. Blush is an unavoidable element in South Indian makeup.

Lip Makeup

Use a lip liner first to trace the outline perfectly. Then use a lipstick colour of your choice and apply it evenly on the lips.

The Wedding Makeup Artist Makes All The Difference

You may know all the tricks and tips of makeup and would be able enough to execute it beautifully. But most probably you won’t be able to execute it on yourself on your wedding day. There would be enough responsibilities to stress you out, so that this additional burden would be too much for you. Nothing can replace experience and professional skill, so be wise and choose the best. If you have a good makeup artist to help you out, then all you have to do is sit down and let them do the job! Be prepared to watch jaws dropping in admiration!

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