Finally, your wedding day has arrived. You have taken all the effort to lose weight and look the best on your special day. Despite putting in a lot of preparation to look great, it is in the hands of best bridal makeup in Chennai to make or break your day. On the D Day you have to be the centre of attraction. Remember every eye is on you and you are left with no alternative but to look awesome. It is not just about getting the right pose and flaunting an expensive designer outfit. There is more to it. The bridal beauty radiates at its best when it is nourished from deep within. Stay healthy, drink lot of water and get a good night’s sleep. Flush out the toxins and you are sure to glow on your wedding day.

Wedding Makeup Tips For The Bride from the Bridal Makeup Artist

Bridal Makeup by Skulpt Wedding Makeup Artist

  • Aggressive facial can dampen your look making you feel red and sore all over. Facial has to be done week ahead of the wedding day. There are simple home facials to make you feel fresh before the wedding. Choose a brightening mask for instant skin pick up. It would be ideal preparation for the day before. It is just a ten minute exercise, that hides the flaws and reveals the smooth skin.
  • Mehndi is part of the Indian wedding, where the bride sports motifs on her hands and feet. Before starting with the mehndi, cleanse your hands and feet. Natural exfoliates like baking soda with lime is a way to remove tan and come up with a glowing skin.
  • Matte is the way for Indian bride as go are the days of shimmer and shine. With flash photography becoming the norm, Indian bride are opting for matte makeup. Illumination foundation is not in vogue. A highlighter for the brow and matte touch up for the cheekbone and subtle eye shadow can make you look gracious when caught on the film.
  • Get the contours right. Focus on the cheekbones, suck in the cheeks and fill the depression with powder. Give highlighters to the cheekbone. Sweep blush lavishly around the roundness of your cheek and move it all the way to the temple.

Tips On Outdoor Wedding Makeup For Brides

Bridal Makeup for Wedding by Skulpt Makeup ArtistIndian weddings are mostly done during the daytime or in the outdoors. This only goes to prove that the makeup has to be natural. Chennai wedding makeup uses neutral tones ranging from taupe to champagne, pastel shades of peach and apricots are great to sport. Never opt for dark eye colours as it will make you look like a gothic bride.

White dazzling smile does matter. Do not stain your teeth before the wedding. Avoid coffee and other stained beverages. Flashing yellow teeth will not look appealing on your wedding album. Using charcoal or salt based toothpaste is the ideal choice. Baking soda and lemon can also remove yellow stains from the teeth. Flash full and pouty lips. Blend peppermint oil and translucent powder to the lip liner.

Be the gorgeous you on your wedding day and at this there should be no compromise.

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