Exquisite Bridal Makeup To Deck You Up On Your Special Day

Portrait of a traditional south Indian bride in yellow saree with wedding makeupWeddings are always the most special day for any pretty lady out there. You own the centre stage on that day. All the eyes will be on you, and all will keep gushing about the ravishing looks of the bride. Though both the bride and groom equally occupy the centre stage, it is no hidden truth that the bride always manages to grab eyeballs the most. The secret behind every drop dead gorgeous bride is an exceptionally talented wedding makeup artist. A professional makeup artist can elevate your looks, conceal your flaws and uplift your positives. The right makeup gives you a refreshing makeover. It doesn’t make you look overdone with piles of makeup layers neither does it make you look like a plain jane. It balances both and makes you look the perfect, gorgeous bride who is all smiles for the photographers and blushes at the swooning eyes of her handsome groom.

Magical Fingers Of A Wedding Makeup Artist Transforms Your Looks

Professional wedding makeup artist applying makeup to a brideThe Ideal Makeup artist comes up with a unique makeup combination that will suit the wedding look of the bride. The makeup is selected in such a way that it suits your skin type and makes you look flawless. Always make it a point to choose your makeup artist about 4-5 months before the wedding itself. Make a booking for the wedding day and try the trial runs about 2 or 3 months before the wedding date. Take trials for makeup and also hair so that you could make sure your look is perfected for the big day. If the bridesmaids, siblings or parents of the bride need a touch up on the wedding day, always book that too in advance. Try booking an exclusive bridal makeup artist in Chennai for the wedding day.

Choosing the best makeup artist can be a bit of a task, nevertheless try checking whether they are asking you the right questions. If they inquire about the type of the wedding venue, lighting arrangements on the stage, the wedding theme you have chosen, the hairstyle you love to try and also the colour of the wedding dress; then you have most probably chosen the right person. Opt for a wedding makeup artist who dares to try different styles of makeup and not stick to a particular conventional style only. The makeup artist should be willing to listen to your opinions and dreams about the wedding look. They should also be able to point out the points that will not suit your look or wedding theme. A trial will help you understand how you will look on your special day. If you are dissatisfied with the trial look, it is better you pack the bags and look for another makeup artist.

Eye-Catching Wedding Makeup Makes You Look Effortlessly Gorgeous

The preparations for the wedding look should start off months before the day itself. Get your facials done at least 2 weeks before your wedding. In case your skin is dry and gets breakouts, try visiting a dermatologist about 3-4 months prior to the wedding day. Always drink lots of water to make your skin look hydrated, supple and glowing.

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