Dusky And Dark Skin- The Best Canvas For Any Bridal Makeup Artist

When the wedding day is around the corner, every bride to be would be busy with her wedding preparation. Much of the preparation would be to centre around the wedding day look. Plenty of ideas are available online to look beautiful on the wedding day. But many of them would be concentrating on fair skin ladies. So what about the brides with dusky or dark complexion? You need not worry! Articles related to bridal makeup in Chennai and other south Indian states would have images of dark-skinned beauties appearing like princesses on their wedding day. Moreover, there are Bollywood beauties who look absolutely gorgeous in their dark complexion.

Beauty has nothing to do with complexion! The appearance on your wedding day depends solely on how well you highlight your features with the right makeup and not on your skin colour. This is the reason why most of the brides go for professional makeup artists on their special day. The general opinion among wedding makeup artists is that a dusky or dark skin form an excellent canvas for makeup where a plethora of colours and shades can be used to create wonders!

Best Bridal Makeup For Dark Skin- A Few Tips

Here are a few points which you must consider while dealing with your wedding makeup.
woman applying makeup with blusher

Make your skin ready for makeup

Your skin has to be prepared well before the application of any kind of makeup. Remove the dead skin by using a scrub, wash and cleanse your face properly, pat dry your skin and use a moisturizer which matches with the type of your skin. Take time and massage the moisturiser well. Leave it for some time.

Foundation is vital

The foundation you choose can decide the success or failure of your makeup. It is the base and should be chosen wisely. It is natural to go for a lighter shade thinking that it would help you appear fairer in wedding pictures. But this is a completely wrong idea! Ask any wedding makeup artist in Chennai and s/he would tell you how careful one must be while choosing the foundation for a dark skin. Choose a foundation shade which matches with the actual colour of your skin. Do not forget to apply foundation on your neck as well. This ensures that you look natural and beautiful. It would be better to use a liquid foundation as it is easy to apply evenly.

Woman applying mascara with makeup brushHighlight those beautiful eyes!

Use eyeliners and mascaras to highlight your eyes. Eyes have magic in them, and if highlighted rightly, they look stunning! Be careful while choosing the colour of eyeshadow. Bronze, gold, olive, plum etc. look best for a dusky skin. It would be better to avoid colours which are very bold like silver.

Choose lip colours wisely

Use a lip liner to trace the outline of lips perfectly and use a lip balm also. Lipsticks with a matte finish would be good for dark-skinned brides when compared to the glossy ones. Colours like coffee, maroon, plum, etc. would look brilliant.


Enhance the natural blush on your face with a bit of peach or some other matching tone.

Choose The Best Wedding Makeup For Your Special Day!

So, no more worries about your skin colour! Choose the right makeup to enhance your natural beauty, put on your best smile and stay confident!

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