Best Wedding Makeup Trends This Wedding Season

The wedding industry is a multi-million rupee industry which is growing every year. There are several event management firms, venues, catering services, makeup artists, wedding outfit designers, etc. who are a part of this gigantic industry. Every wedding season, plenty of new trends come into play and every bride and groom tries to incorporate these trends into their wedding.

Top Wedding Makeover Trends This Season

If you are looking for ideas to undergo a makeover before your wedding, you are in the right place. The typical Chennai wedding makeup look has undergone many changes and has been replaced with a more natural looking makeup that adds beauty to the bride rather than look like a made up doll. Here are some of the latest trends that have been hitting the wedding industry:

Softer Makeup

Gone are the days of edgy makeup that stood out like it had its own personality. Brides these days prefer to get a softer version of themselves represented via makeup.  When the makeup style is kept to a warmer style, it complements the wedding outfit as well, which generally tend to be in bright colours for Indian weddings.

woman applying eye liner with makeup brush Dramatic Eyes

Concentrating more on the eyes for the wedding makeup seems to have become quite popular these days. It is a trend that has crossed over from the Middle East, which seems to have found plenty of takers in this part of the world as well. The eyes stand out and add a bit of mystique as well to the bride, making her stand out at the ceremony.

Elaborate Hair Dos For Simple Makeup Looks

If you are planning on going simple for your makeup look, you can go all out while choosing your wedding hairstyle. This helps balance out the entire look and makes you look stunning on the D-day.

A Dash Of Highlight

A touch of highlight in the right spots will have you glowing like the virginal bride throughout the ceremony. However, be careful not to apply too much. Or you will start resembling a lightbulb in no time.

Makeup artist applying makeup with brush to a clientPink Blush For The Blushing Bride

A hint of blush on the apple of your cheeks will give you that pink complexion every bride craves for. This will look more natural and have you looking drop dead gorgeous without a doubt.

Go Bold With Red

If you are the sort of bride who has never held back anything in her life, red lips will definitely work for you. However, remember to underplay the rest of your makeup if you plan on going for bright, luscious red lips.

False Eyelashes

If you do not like the idea of using false eyelashes, there is another way to get fuller looking lashes. You can have the false eyelashes cut up and place only smaller pieces along the edge of your eyelids to get a fuller look. Professional makeup artists have years of experience in ensuring that the false lashes are incorporated well with your natural lashes and look 100% natural.

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