Is Airbrush Bridal Makeup The Right Choice For Your Wedding? Read This!

Haven’t you noticed the flawless makeup on the face of movie stars and popular models? Airbrush makeup technique is most often the reason behind such a perfect makeup. This technique was restricted to the movie and television industry till the recent past. Now, it has entered the wedding makeup field as well. The same magic can be created in wedding makeup by an expert airbrush bridal makeup artist.

Skulpt Wedding Makeup artist applying airbrush makeup for a bride

Being a new trend, which is yet to be very widespread in the wedding field, it is natural to have confusion regarding whether to choose this makeup technique or not for your wedding day. This article aims to let you know more about this technique so that you can make a decision.

The glaringly artificial look is one of the most common complaints heard about traditional makeup. You need to look good, but you need not look like somebody else on your wedding day. Enhancing your natural beauty in the best possible manner is what expected by a good makeup. Airbrush makeup does that exactly. Let us move into the details.

Specialities Of Wedding Airbrush Makeup

airbrush bridal makeup by skulpt wedding makeup artistMakes use of an air gun

Unlike the traditional makeup which makes use of brushes and sponges for application, the airbrush technique makes use of a sprayer or an airgun. The airgun sprays a thin and uniform layer of carefully formulated makeup materials onto your face. According to a leading wedding makeup artist in Chennai, the airbrush technique is preferred by many because of its even application.

Comes in three types

Three types of formulas are available for airbrush makeup. They are water-based, silicone-based and alcohol based. Out of these, the alcohol-based formula is not usually used for wedding makeup.

Requires less time for application and small amount of makeup products

Airbrush makeup gives the desired look with a really small quantity of makeup. Layers of makeup which make your face look cakey are not required here. The time needed for application is also very less compared to the traditional brush and sponge application.

Free from streaks

In traditional makeup, there are high chances for the brush strokes to be visible on your face. Airbrush makeup leaves no scope for such strokes on your face.

Airbrush wedding makeup artist chennaiLasts long

Airbrush makeup lasts easily up to eighteen hours; exactly what is required for a long wedding day.

Achieves HD perfection

Nowadays photographs taken are all high-resolution ones so that each and every fine detail of your face will show up in photos. Airbrush makeup gives you the perfect look for photos; not making you look artificial at the same time.

Get The Best Bridal Makeup For You

As obvious from the above descriptions, the airbrush technique is far superior to the traditional makeup in multiple ways. You need not settle for anything less on the very special day of your life. When there is a perfect way to glam you up without making you look artificial, then why to say no for it? You are the best and so you deserve the best!

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