Things To Get A Flawless Basic Makeup Look

Every woman should have the capability to apply makeup correctly. You can also gain a certified makeup course to learn how to do it, learn the basic makeup tips, tricks, and techniques that every individual should have in their repertoire. The first three steps of applying makeup are:

  • Cleaning the entire face with a good face wash or cleanser. Dirt or old makeup can make the new coat look splotchy and uneven. Plus, it is not good for the skin.
  • Apply moisturiser to keep the skin supple and replenish the water content. If your skin is supple the application of makeup is easier.
  • A foundation and concealer that matches the shade with each other would do all the magic for your skin. Apply dots of foundation on the face then blend it really well using a sponge or fingers.

woman with makeup brush The next three steps to a basic makeup application can be done in any order you are comfortable with. We will deal with these in the order of complexities with the easiest first. A lipstick that matches or coordinates with the outfit you are wearing is vital. So, pick a lip stain, lip colour, lipstick or gloss that goes with the ensemble or your entire makeup look. Begin with a lip liner that is the same shade as the lip stain and apply it along the edges. Then using a brush fill in the lips with the lipstick. The liner will give a neat look to the lips while the brush allows a very even application.

The next step is to apply the blush. The most important factor here is that less is more. Blush be it in powder form or gel form should always be used sparingly.  Always use a good professional brush to apply the blush. Cheap brushed tend to give a clumped look which leads to product wastage. Apply the blush lightly either to the apple of your cheeks or below it. One has to experiment to find out which part gives the most flattering look. So, try applying on both portions beforehand.

The last step is to apply the most basic makeup to the eyes. For a bride, eye makeup for wedding can literally make or break the bridal look. A good eye makeup can turn the entire look which is why it is the most important part of makeup. Begin with the eyebrows using a brow pencil. First line the edges to give a figure to them. Then fill in the spaces and gaps using feathered strokes. Again, use a very light hand as the eyebrow pencil can show very fast and make the brows look unnatural. The next step is to apply eye shadow. Because we are just taking the necessary steps, use a single colour or two shades to cover the upper lid and crease of the eye.

Next, apply the eyeliner. Dark shades of grey or black can make the eyes stand out and make them look bigger. Apply only a thin line on the upper eye lid. The last step of the makeup is to apply mascara to the lashes. Mascara can make the lashes longer and curved giving the eyes a bigger look.

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